Viktor Bozzay
Frontend Developer at Scolia Technologies Ltd.
Pecs, Hungary

As a mechanical engineer with years of experience in industrial automation, robot programming, and LabVIEW application development, I possess a strong technical background. However, my passion for computers and software development dates back to my childhood, when I received a Commodore 64 from my father. I decided on a career change in 2020. As a first step, I completed a course, followed by intensive self-study. Later, I started working at Cubixfox and then moved on to Scolia.

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Scolia Technologies Ltd.
Jan 2023 - Present (5 months)
Remote Current workspace
Currently Viktor Bozzay supports the Scolia Technologies Ltd.

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Frontend Developer
Frontend development of the applicatiion of Scolia. Scolia is a real-time automatic scorekeeping solution for steel-tip darts.
ReactJS react router Redux redux-saga rabbitmq jest redis mongodb sass scss css html webpack websocket
Sep 2022 - Dec 2022 (3 months)
Pécs, Hungary
Frontend Developer
Frontend development of web applications for complex solutions for domestic and foreign markets using React, Next, TypeScript, and other technologies.
ReactJS Redux Redux Thunk html css sass responsive design scss npm json webpack jest axios redux thunk react redux react react router nextjs redux graphql next.js styled components javascript
CobotX Technologies
Aug 2021 - Aug 2022 (1 year)
Pécs, Hungary
Technical Project Manager
• Building up and leading the engineering team.
• Preparation, pricing and management of robot application and custom machine projects.
• Development of technical content and concept of hardware and software (PLC / robot) specification.
• Performing and documentation of feasibility studies.
robot applications industrial automation project managment Universal Robot OnRobot OnShape python python3 python2 pycharm machine vision mechanical engineering

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New product development
Jul 2012 - Nov 2012
Designed a 50 Hz vibratory conveyor for conveying foreign materials after an optical tobacco sorter. The amplitude was only 0,4 mm with 12g peak through acceleration.
Dynamical characteristic of rubber elements of vibratory conveyors
Dec 2011 - Feb 2012
Examine the properties of rubber components in function of RPM and pretension. In the project was used pizzoelectric accelerometers, strain gage based self-made sensors and the measurement application was coded in LabVIEW.
Automated measurement equipment for frequency swipe to measure the resonance of vibratory conveyors.
Nov 2017 - May 2019
We want to build a measurement equipment from a PC, NI cDAQ chassis and a Danfoss FC302 frequency converter to ease the work during the quality inspections of the vibratiory conveyors. The PC will communicate with the FC302 through ethernet using MCA121 extension card for this purpose. In this card is there an built-in industrial switch what is allows us to connect the NI measurement device in a network with the other 2 device. The brain of the system is the PC for the control is the FC302 the responsible.

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Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology - University of Pécs
Bachelor's degree, Quality Manager
Dec 2003 - Dec 2007
In my thesis I developed a new process for improving the method of the custom machine design. The second goal was reducing the engineering time. I worked out a method as well for measuring the growth of the efficiency. All goals are reached, and my method was introduced to practice at Hauni.
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology - University of Pécs
Bachelor's degree, Machinery Technical Teacher Education
Dec 2001 - Dec 2004
In my thesis I researched the status of organizational communication of my old alma mater (Ady Endre High school). It was very interesting task for me, because with using questionnaire and advanced mathematical statistical methods (for example factor analysis, clustering), I revealed hidden and strong coherency between the efficiency of the communication of a group and the style of the group leader (autocratic/liberalist/democratic).
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology - University of Pécs
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Mechanical Engineering
Dec 2000 - Dec 2004
My thesis is about improving the maintenance system of British American Tobacco Pécs tobacco factory’s secondary line. I developed in my thesis a base of a Reliability Centred Maintenance system for tobacco industry facilities.
Pendrive formázása Mucsi Zoltánnal
May 2020
Zertifikat Deutsch - ÖSD - Mittelstufe Komplex
Dec 2004
Robot működtetés és programozás - Operating and Programing Robots
Nov 2017

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