Houston Reagan
Springfield, United States

Hi guys! I'm best known as --Explosion-- on scratch, but I mainly do JavaScript now! I am a 15 year old programmer, guitar player and more! I'm currently working on a project called Bijou.js (https://bijou.js.org), a library with over 80 JavaScript functions! As for 'houston reagan' that is not my real name, I used a name generator. I had to put something to create this profile, sorry!

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Jan 2021 - Present
Bijou.js is a JavaScript library with over 80 useful functions to do just about anything! From altering colors, to generating uuids, to animating with JS! Please check it out! I like to think it's underrated! (Only 19 stars right now, so really, please go look)
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Nowhere, Sorry
High School 1st year?, Computer Programming
Jan 2020 - Present
I am learning JavaScript on my own. I'm in High School as well.

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