Károly Pásztor
Back End Developer at CodeFox Bt.
Debrecen, Hungary

Working as a programmer since 2001. I love to solve problems which need real brainstorming. I used Delphi, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS and MySQL for 20 years. Nowadays I write code almost only in Go and using MariaDB. I've made a lot of websites and native apps for Windows, like webshops, sport team sites, internal systems, invoicing apps, warehouse management and a lot more.

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CodeFox Bt.
Mar 2021 - Present (3 years 2 months)
Debrecen, Hungary Current workspace
Currently Károly Pásztor supports the CodeFox Bt.

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Back End Developer
go mariadb mysql
Globiz International Kft.
Apr 2003 - Feb 2021 (17 years 10 months)
Debrecen, Hungary
Software Developer
delphi php go
Mátrix Computer
Jun 2000 - Apr 2003 (2 years 10 months)
Debrecen, Hungary
Software developer, sales manager
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Mechwart András Gépipari és Informatikai Szakgimnázium
Information Technology
Jan 1999 - Jan 2003

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