Ferenc Erki
freelance IT consultant at $self->employed();
Berlin, Germany


freelance IT automation specialist | DevOps/SRE generalist | Perl hacker | FLOS maintainer | meetup founder

Hungarian (Magyar)
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English (English)
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German (Deutsch)
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linux(14 years)
PostgreSQL(13 years)
sqlite(13 years)
MySQL(13 years)
ssh(13 years)
Gentoo(12 years)
bash(12 years)
automation(10 years)
virtualization(8 years)
openstack(8 years)
elasticsearch(7 years)
Rex(7 years)
Perl(7 years)

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May 2020 - Present (10 months)
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freelance IT consultant
I am an independent service provider.
perl gentoo vim ci/cd git github tdd
a Dutch hosting provider
May 2020 - May 2020 (Less than a month)
freelance IT infrastructure architect
optimizing the IT infrastructure of a hosting provider for business continuity through enabling zero-downtime upgrades
libvirt qemu ceph markdown latex
inovex GmbH
Aug 2017 - Apr 2020 (2 years 8 months)
Cloud platform engineer
I helped inovex GmbH to open a new revenue stream while reducing IT infrastructure costs.

On the technological level it means a heavily integrated, turnkey solution to roll out OpenStack installations from scratch, complete from bootstrapping on bare metal, through fully-automated provisioning, to deploying log analytics, monitoring and metrics collection with a single push of a button.

I also helped to enable the company's customers to gain new IT capabilites through automation of datacenter operation. It means building an inventory based on NetBox, provisioning VMware virtual machines with Terraform, and automating deployment with Ansible. All those elements are also integrated together with GitLab CI pipelines for continuous integration and delivery for infrastructure.
OpenStack Puppet Gentoo ansible Icinga Grafana ELK
Aug 2014 - Jul 2017 (2 years 11 months)
Berlin, Germany
system administrator
I helped adjust GmbH to scale their early infrastructure through automation, and enabled backend and integration engineers to make sense of huge amounts of logs and metrics in a self-service fashion.

My main responsibilities were to design and build a high performance ELK stack (processing more than 300k eps with total data size over 1 PB), to maintain and extend high performance monitoring systems (Graphite+Grafana), and to improve data center automation with Rex in a Gentoo-only environment.

I also introduced weekly "Friday talks" as an internal knowledge sharing platform from scratch, maintained the company's tech blog, organized a couple of meetup events, and gave talks about some parts of the technology stack at various conferences.
Rex Gentoo ELK stack
Nov 2013 - Aug 2014 (9 months)
Budapest, Hungary
Linux system engineer
I enabled Emarsys development teams to gain operation insights into their projects' behaviour.

My main responsibilites were to keep improving our monitoring and centralized logging solutions and also to tightly integrate them. This consisted managing rsyslog, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, nginx and OP5 (Nagios-based monitoring suite) systems in a CentOS/RedHat environment.
elk stack nagios
Baxter Technologies
Apr 2012 - Dec 2012 (8 months)
Budapest, Hungary
head of global operations and support
I helped Baxter Technologies to reduce long-term operational costs and increase core KPI performance metrics of a high performance Forex trading platform.

My main responsibilities included infrastructure consolidation through automation and relocation of a data center, team reorganization as part of company-wide restructuring processes, while aligning a geographically distributed team's efforts with business requirements.
Optima IT Ltd.
Nov 2010 - Apr 2012 (1 year 5 months)
Budapest, Hungary
senior system administrator
I enabled our partner kick off their new business branch from scratch, by delivering a complete IT solution for their geographically distributed team, including mobile agents.

Planning, implementing and administering IT solutions, especially regarding Linux-based solutions, for a rapidly growing, medium-sized customer in the FMCG sector with a multisite environment.

The highlights from my tasks are the initial process planning for day-to-day support, automating mission critical processes, monitoring core infrastructure and centralizing asset/configuration management.
ProfiTrade 90 Ltd.
May 2008 - Oct 2010 (2 years 5 months)
Budapest, Hungary
support engineer
Handling of incoming support requests, preparing and forwarding tasks for various experts, providing training, technical consultation and problem solving for our clients.
P.O.P. Ltd.
Oct 2006 - May 2008 (1 year 7 months)
Budapest, Hungary
IT specialist
Server and desktop administration, helpdesk, BI reporting. Technical lead of a project aimed to replace the previous mobile data collecting and billing system.


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Rex, the friendly automation framework
Feb 2013 - Present
Rex is an automation framework that combines Perl and Secure Shell (SSH) for a portable and highly flexible approach to data center infrastructure management and software deployment.
perl git ci/cd html css github


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Technical University of Budapest
unfinished, geoinformatics, IT engineering
Sep 2002 - Jun 2006


Certified NETASQ Administrator
Sep 2011
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
Dec 2013