Farhan Hasin Chowdhury
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Software developer with hands-on experience in Laravel, Node.js and prefers working in the back-end. Apart from software development has a knack for learning new things and writing about them.

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Aug 2021 - Aug 2021 (Less than a month)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Senior Software Developer Team Lead
php Laravel postgresql python javascript mysql aws
Sayburgh Solutions
Jul 2020 - Jul 2021 (1 year)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Technical Lead
- Led the development of FoodQo, a multi-tenant SAAS restaurant management system, and DigiAdent, an online journalism platform.
- Introduced a scalable, micro-service-based architecture for making APIs, resulting in reduced time to market and increased maintainability.
- Contributed to automating the infrastructure bootstrapping process resulting in faster server provisioning.
- Optimized container image building process making automated deployments faster.
- Optimized authentication and authorization flows, resulting in improved user experience.
- Performed regular code reviews and managed deployments.
Laravel Express.js Apollo Server mysql mongodb redis gitlab nginx digitalocean docker kubernetes aws s3 aws cloudfront
Oct 2019 - Jul 2020 (9 months)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Full-stack Developer
- Worked in a team of 5 developers in creating the initial version of FoodQo, a robust multi-tenant SAAS restaurant management system.
- Implemented the database per tenant architecture for FoodQo consumer API (Laravel).
- Developed the tenant management application (Express.js, Vue.js) for the business development team.
- Reduced code repetition in the consumer API resulting in increased stability.
- Implemented a better and more secure cookie-based authentication flow resulting in a better user experience.
Laravel Vue.js Electron.js mysql redis docker gitlab pusher nuxt.js digitalocean

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Jan 2021 - Present
Podman (https://podman.io/) based development-only dependency manager for Linux.
Mongoose Permissions
Dec 2020 - Present
A simple rbac plugin for mongoose that is not over engineered.
Oct 2019 - Present
FoodQo is a dedicated restaurant management system that follows SAAS model. The system provides functionalities like a POS, inventory system, order management and in depth business analytics.

Powered by technologies like Laravel, Vue.js, Node.js and designed by people who understand users' needs, FoodQo puts the user experience in the forefront of its' focus.

I as a full-stack developer laid the foundation of both our consumer and administrative APIs and all the front-ends. I worked solo on implementing the multi-tenant architecture with dynamic database connection switching for the consumer API powered by Laravel and the whole of administrator API powered by Node.js. I also worked along with other talented developers in implementing individual features of this software.
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University of Asia Pacific
Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering
Jan 2014 - Jan 2019

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