Taufik Mulyawan
Bandung, Indonesia

Hello, my name is Taufik. I am very enthusiastic about technological developments. Especially in the field of web and mobile apps.

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MagangUpdate Internship
Jan 2021 - Apr 2021 (3 months)
Wordpress Developer
Job Description :
- Daily Post about Job Recruitment on website
- Update and Backup website (minor & major)
- Fix SSL Problem
- Maintain Virtual Private Server & MariaDB Database
- Be responsibile for maintaining, expanding, and scaling website

Achievement :
- Managed some server settings on robots.txt to prevent personal data indexed in Google
- Managed captcha feature in the comments column
- Managed to fix SSL problem

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database wordpress
Coding Skilvul
Aug 2021
Python Fundamental for Data Science
Aug 2021
R Fundamental for Data Science
Aug 2021

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