Gabriel Nagy
Timisoara, Romania
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2 years 7 months
Timişoara, Romania
Senior Software Engineer
May 2021 - Dec 2021 (7 months)
Basically the same stuff I did before, but more fervently 😂.
ruby puppet rspec
Software Engineer
May 2019 - May 2021 (2 years)
Puppet helps enterprises modernize, manage and bring into compliance hybrid infrastructure through continuous automation.

• Actively working on the Puppet Agent, an open-source collection of software that is required for puppet and its dependencies to run. This includes Puppet, Facter, and other Puppet software, but also vendored dependencies like Ruby, cURL, OpenSSL, and more.

• Participate in all stages of development, from attending product meetings, planning and implementing features, code review, testing and integrating, to releasing on a monthly cadence and preparing demos of the team’s past work.

• Work on automating testing & shipping Puppet on more than 40 platforms and counting. Add support for new platforms by creating virtual machine templates and making them available to our scheduling service which provides disposable VMs. This includes building VMs with Packer and provisioning them with Puppet for ESXi, EC2, and our in-house service which handles devices and virtualization technologies on exotic architectures not supported by vSphere (AIX LPARs and Solaris LDOMs).

• Worked on rewriting PE Client Tools in Go, a set of command line tools to access Puppet Enterprise services from a workstation that might or might not be managed by Puppet. Recurring responsibilities include maintenance and releasing on a quarterly cadence.

• The majority of my work is open-source, which means regularly interacting with our community through various channels of communication (Slack, GitHub, IRC, mailing lists). Community responsibilities include reviewing patches/pull requests and holding office hours on a monthly cadence.

• Contribute and submit patches to upstream Puppet projects that are open-source, such as Ruby, JRuby, cloud-init, Augeas, Chef gems.
Go Ruby puppet
3 years
Timisoara, RO
Software Development Engineer
Mar 2018 - May 2019 (1 year 2 months)
• Participated in a knowledge transfer program on-site in Beijing and helped propagate the knowledge to our local team.

• Involved in the maintenance and development of an LTE BTS O&M component responsible for handling technical report generation, PM counter reporting (realtime and non-realtime), remote syslog functionality.

• Worked with CMake, bash and Python to automate various parts of the build process.
Python c++ cmake
Junior Software Developer
May 2016 - Mar 2018 (1 year 10 months)
• Worked with Python, Angular and shell script to maintain and extend a CI tool for local teams

• Created a web app for iTEC (engineering contest) on which ~100 users concurrently uploaded and tested C/C++/Java/Python source files

• Used Flask, CouchDB, ChartJS and Docker to develop statistics for application tests
Angular Docker Flask Python

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