Artem Holinka
Software Engineer at Wallet Factory
Kyiv, Ukraine
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Wallet Factory
Nov 2019 - Present (2 years 6 months)
Kyiv, Ukraine Current workspace
Currently Artem Holinka supports the Wallet Factory

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Software Engineer
cordova vuex vue webpack jest xcode android studio cypress ios app development android app development mobile socket.io grpc rpc
Vintage Web Production
Apr 2019 - Nov 2019 (7 months)
Kiev Region, Ukraine
Frontend Engineer
– developing of websites with high performance, which support old browsers (Vue, Nuxt.js)
– creating advanced web animations using GSAP, SVG and CSS
– improving and refactoring support projects
– improved an animation directive: added ability to create section animation, use object structure for configuration of duration, delay, an order of elements, animation parameters, complete callback and other features
nuxt.js vuex vue axios webpack socket.io
Brightest Minds
Jan 2017 - Apr 2019 (2 years 3 months)
Frontend Engineer
– developing of Slack Blot configuration system (SPA – Vue.js)
– developing an ERP system for a middle and small business (SPA – Vue.js)
– developing of API for a service of managing client’s subscriptions (Node.js)
– integration of third-party API: Stripe, Woodpecker, etc
– setup CI/CD processes
– developing of child projects and web-pages for company sites
– automatization of data scraping, data preparation, analyzing, researching to improve lead generation
vuex vue html scss webpack gulp ajax

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Industrial Pedagogical College of Konotop University
Associate's degree, Department of Compute Science, Software Development
Dec 2011 - Dec 2015
Sumy State University
Master’s degree, Department of Electronic and Information Technologies, Computer Science
Dec 2017 - Dec 2019
Sumy State University
Bachelor's degree, Department of Electronic and Information Technologies, Computer Science
Dec 2015 - Dec 2017
MindK Dev Camp (React, Node.js)
Apr 2019
VueJS - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex)
Oct 2018

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