Jesús Gonzalo Ponce Pérez
Parral, Mexico

Hi, I'm Gonzalo Ponce. Multiplatform application developer using web technologies. I have been able to work on some projects as Freelance on the Workana platform which has allowed me to improve my knowledge as a developer. I am always learning a new technology or improving an existing one to continue growing as a developer. I firmly believe that working as a team will always allow us to go further.

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Jan 2020 - Aug 2021 (1 year 7 months)
Freelance apps and websites
Cross-platform application developer
Angular Ionic firebase Laravel javascript bootstrap css phpmyadmin ajax
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Jan 2021 - Present
Pestread es una tienda de productos para mascotas
Es una aplicación que está disponible como pwa y aplicación Android(por el momento solo disponible para testers)
Máster en frameworks para JavaScript
Jun 2020

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