Rahul Singh
Greater Noida, India

I'm a Developer who spends time coding scripts and building bots. Been coding for around 2 years now and still on the road to learn more. Current coding technologies I know fair enough are Java, C, C#, JavaScript, Python, Go, Kotlin, Deno, Reactjs, Electronjs, Express and a fair share of Dart. Recently I've been indulged with ReactJS/Typescript. I'm excited about Flutter 2.0 and am going to be trying more of Flutter next.

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Karza Technologies
2 years 4 months
Senior Member Technical Team
Apr 2024 - May 2024 (1 month)
* Currently working on making our services architecturally scalable as my long term goal.
python3 java mongodb sql aws s3
Software Engineer
Jul 2022 - May 2024 (1 year 10 months)
* Developed a plug and play GSP module that optimized GSP calls reducing our API cost, providing retry/fallback mechanism for errors and smart GSP preference switching for our APIs along with usage monitoring which also improved out APIs uptime.
* Improved product stability through code enhancements and upgrade leading to noticeably fewer bug reports.
* Collaborated with the data science team to build an in-house pdf parsing solution for GST reports to remove the usage of third party paid solutions.
* Redesigned and upgraded codebases and client config design for the product making it easier to maintain, upgrade, scale or migrate in the future and also providing an easy solution for our client's on-premise deployment needs.
* Developed a cli tool enabling developers to test serverless api code locally without the need of deployment.
* Improved the existing pdf-generation solution to be 50% faster and use 75% less compute in lambda saving the organization money on every api call and reducing the number of lambda invocations required for pdf-generation.
* Created config driven plugins for our webhook module to implement multiple Authentication and Encryption mechanisms in product api callbacks.
* Developed a custom download utility for our customer support team to help with their processes making invoicing faster and cheaper.
* Contributed to other internal automation scripts, cross product internal APIs, reverse engineering and internal libraries.
design patterns mongodb aws lambda encryption electron ReactJS python3 python2 pdf parsing puppeteer selenium web scraping reverse engineering ocr
Intern - Software Engineer
Dec 2021 - Jun 2022 (6 months)
* Contributed to the FIU module, JWT and PGP encryption across organization.
* Streamlined the billing systems and improving live dashboard latencies.
* Contributed to an organisation wide on-demand encryption module.
* Created an HA Proxy monitoring service along with desktop application and alert service for the organisation.
encryption mongodb elasticsearch fastapi account aggregator ecosystem elasticsearch docker aws ec2 pandas aws lambda ReactJS tauri typescript electron
Friday AI
Aug 2021 - Nov 2021 (3 months)
Software Engineer
* I developed the backend for B2C application which consisted of various services and microservices either running on AWS EC2 or using serverless technology.
* I developed a B2B web application that consisted of a rule engine for creating and deploying smart campaign contracts.
* I developed the SMS categorization and parsing module that powered the B2C mobile application.
fastapi aws ecs aws lambda aws microservices tensorflow ReactJS typescript machine learning data analysis mongodb data extraction aws fargate
Mar 2021 - Aug 2021 (5 months)
Frontend Developer - Intern
* I built a neural network that worked as a moderator for the platform.
* I built a web scraper that regularly scrapes referrals from various sources, categorizes them and adds to the platform's database.
* Built a PWA for the platform that functioned both as a web and a mobile application.
ReactJS tensorflow python3 pwa selenium scikit learn pandas numpy keras jupyter notebook data visualization data analysis

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Oct 2020
Key Skills: Android SDK, Android Studio, Java, TypeScript, Capacitor Plugin

This Capacitor Plugin aids in fetching Device Location from Android Device for an Ionic Application
I created this Capacitor Plugin initially as a part of the App Development in my Internship with Chefkart but published it to NPM
java android typescript capacitorjs Ionic
Oct 2020
Key Skills: Java, Android SDK, Android Studio, Capacitor Plugin, TypeScript

This Capacitor Plugin aids in UPI Payment from Android Device for an Ionic Application
I created this Capacitor Plugin initially as a part of the App Development in my Internship with Chefkart but published it to NPM.
java android typescript Ionic
I was working on a project that required a solution like the popular NEDB js library but at the time, the creator of the original NEDB package had dropped support for the library and it was very outdated for me to directly integrate it into my project and thus I forked and upgraded the library to be compatible with modern JS and TS
javascript typescript

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Sharda University
Bachelor, Computer Science and Engineering
Aug 2018 - Jul 2022
Google Cloud Platform Essentials
Sep 2019

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