Guillaume Tremeau
Lyon, France

Hello! I'm Guillaume Tremeau, a Freelancer and Computer Science Engineer. Specialized in Web Technologies, Information System and Business Intelligence, I am constantly learning to design, conceptualize and develop computers solutions. Curious by nature I love to work within a multicultural and international environment and explore many different kinds of interests, professional and personal activities. Passionate and self-taught of the art of images and specifically photography.

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Oplus Inc.
Apr 2021 - Dec 2021 (8 months)
Front-end web Developer
At Oplus, I worked on the design, implementation, and test of front-end features for, a service used by several companies and thousands of end-users. I fixed usability issues and improve the user experience of most used features.
javascript go html css responsive design jquery
1 year 3 months
Web Development and Software Engineer
May 2020 - Mar 2021 (10 months)
As a project leader in research and development, my main role is to coordinate with members of EcoG to implement a new project on charging stations equipped with EcoG Software environment. I am the head front-end developer on this project and work essentially on conceptualization, development and testing.
nodeJS typescript ReactJS jest javascript git
Full-stack Developer Engineer
Apr 2019 - Sep 2019 (5 months)
Responsible and leader on the research, development and conception of the integration of OCPP inside EcoG software environment, a communication protocol for electronic vehicles charging stations.
Representing EcoG in CharIn (Association for Combined Charging System, CCS) on the OCPP topic.
Nominated to edit the OCPP industrial standard through OCPP1.6+ proposal.
Official Photographer of EcoG (Product and team photos)

JavaScript, TypeScript, Jest, Git, GitLab, OCPP
JavaScript TypeScript nodeJS jest git
My AOne Learning Sdn Bhd
Apr 2018 - Sep 2018 (5 months)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Software development for School management system
Elaboration of a complete web-based solution for schools, learning centres and sports clubs to manage and grow their business
Front-end development leader and in charge of the user experience of the product
Involvement to project management in a team of 3 to 5 developers
Participation in recruitment interviews with potential team members of the company
php javascript html css html5 responsive design

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Study of Chatbot technologies
Oct 2018 - Mar 2019
Study and design of Chatbot Technologies and concepts as part of a research project in collaboration with Euromaster Europe.
The study is covering all phases of a chatbot project. From the development of an idea to production.
Produced using SAP Conversational AI (, Azure Bot Services and LUIS technologies.
LUIS Azure bot null
Implementation and study of missing data recovering algorithm on Image
Oct 2017 - Mar 2018
Worked in collaboration with researchers from the laboratory called LIMOS
Studied and compared different methods and algorithms
Implementation of Data recovering algorithms
Improved currently used algorithms
java data algorithm git
Développement d'un générateur de cartes 3D de relief (WorldXGen)
Jan 2017 - Jun 2017
Réalisation d'un générateur de carte suivant certaines lois de probabilités pour la création de relief.
Implémentation de la méthode d'Euler afin de générer une rivière suivant la pente du relief.
Rendue graphique en 3 dimensions.
Technologies principales : C++, Qt, Qt creator, OpenGL.

Mes deux principales tâches étaient de gérer l'affichage graphique avec Qt creator et OpenGL ainsi que d'implémenter la génération d'une ou plusieurs rivières.
c++ qt opengl null
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lSIMA Clermont-Ferrand
Diplôme d'ingénieur en Informatique, Informatique, Système d'information et Aide à la Décision
Jan 2016 - Jan 2019
Université de Bourgogne
DUT _ Diplôme Universitaire Technologique, IT
Jan 2014 - Jan 2016
Lycée Nicéphore Niepce
Baccalauréat, Engineering Science
Jan 2011 - Jan 2014
edX Verified Certificate for Data Science: R Basics
Dec 2020
PHSC01.1x: Philosophy of Science for Engineers and Scientists
Sep 2020
Brevet d'initiation aéronautique
May 2011

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