Patryk Pastuszka
Self-Employed at ITnnovative Patryk Pastuszka
Mlawa, Poland

Hi, I'm Patryk, I love to write code unless it is too repetetive or modifying software that is not commented... I love to create some really crazy ideas like AOP framework for Unity3D or Live Ops Toolkit (this one was made by request). In my free time I develop and test hardware, so I'm a big fan of 3D printing, soldering and electronics design... No, I don't care about guidelines (unless something does not work). I tend to find my own way to do things. If you want to know more just ask.

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ITnnovative Patryk Pastuszka
Aug 2020 - Present (2 years)
Mława, Mazowieckie Current workspace
Currently Patryk Pastuszka supports the ITnnovative Patryk Pastuszka

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Self-employed in own company that delivers both software and hardware solutions. Focused mostly on Unity3D Asset & Game Development.
ITnnovative Technologies LTD
May 2019 - Nov 2019 (6 months)
Manchester, United Kingdom
Chief Executive Officer
Aug 2017 - Present (5 years)
Pow. sochaczewski, woj. mazowieckie Current workspace
Currently Patryk Pastuszka supports the RedBandGames

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FullStack Developer

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Aug 2016 - Aug 2016
Unity3D Electricity FrameWork (simplified)
Unity Replay System
Nov 2020 - Present
Replay System that allows to easily record and replay method executions in-game. Uses AOP attributes like [Record] and [ReplayOnly] to manage if method should be recorded or executed only in replay.
Several Mobile Games
Aug 2017 - Present
Games developed in cooperation with RedBandGames sp. z o.o.
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Gdańsk University of Technology
Bachelor's degree, Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering
Dec 2016 - Dec 2017
I went for University, however I decided that self-education will be better than sitting 8 hours daily on lectures... It's just more efficient and precise, because I learn things that I need.
I Liceum Imienia Stanisława Wyspiańskiego w Mławie
A-levels, Math-ICT-Physics
Dec 2013 - Dec 2016
High School, finished with 75% A-Level exam scores from Physics and ICT (only because I had no knowledge in Excel...).

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