Vallo Reima
Tallinn, Estonia

A versatile, collaborative, accomplished, and knowledgeable software professional with a successful track record and a knack for leading people in the right direction.

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Dec 2018 - Dec 2019 (1 year)
London, United Kingdom
Software Development Consultant
I skillfully developed and refined the features/modules of SmartLab – Ludic’s digital delivery and experience platform. I co-operated with a distributed team of 10 members. I diligently integrated File Manager into the SmartLab Admin UI.
Nordic Automation Systems
Dec 2016 - Dec 2016 (Less than a month)
Tallinn, Estonia
Application Developer
I created the company product information site with the admin interface to edit the products' details. Developed the IoT management tool to handle the company's luminaires via LoRaWAN.
Altex Experts
Dec 2014 - Aug 2020 (5 years 8 months)
Tallinn, Estonia
Associate Senior Developer & Project Manager
I expertly handle several web solutions. I successfully create web applications from scratch. I efficiently add functionality to existing ones and managing Agile remote teams of 3-5 members.

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PackApp.php - Application Packer
PackApp.php is a complete solution to pack your application’s project files into the delivery package. The source code is minified and obfuscated, impeding unauthorized use.

The target audience: ISVs, freelancers, developers, resellers, all who need a lightweight utility to turn the project into the delivery package. The solution is oriented to the PHP applications, but can be used for the front-end projects too.
PHP JavaScript HTML CSS SaaS
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Tallinn University of Technology
Masters, Information processing and Economy
Sep 1981 - Jun 1985
Actually 1975-1983
JavaScript Innovation Award
Aug 2013
PHP Innovation Award
May 2014
AWS Services and AWS Marketplace Solutions
May 2020

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