Harrison Ekpobimi
Johannesburg, South Africa

3+ years experienced Front End Developer possessing demonstrated acumen in front end development. Hands on experience in designing, developing and maintaining web applications. Adept at understanding clients requirements and delivering projects accordingly. Highly skilled at collaborating with team members to deliver effective results within deadlines

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Aug 2019 - Jul 2020 (11 months)
Bryanston, Johannesburg
Software Developer - Frontend
Sovtech is a leading web development agency which specialises in blockchain and software application development.

Tech Stacks - ReactJS, NodeJS, Serverless, GraphQL, AWS, Lambda, ES6, Jira, Git

Worked closely with clients ot understand their requirements and deliver accordingly.
Developed software applications using ReactJS, NodeJs, AWS.
Fixed 100+ bugs on existing applications to ensure smooth user experience
Operated Agile-based model projects and worked on user stories.
Translated UI/UX design wireframes into to generate visual elements of applications.

Achieved 99% client satisfaction as part of a team of 3 developers
react aws lambda node.js graphql html css git jira
Ornico Group
Feb 2017 - Jun 2019 (2 years 4 months)
Johannesburg, South Africa
Frontend Developer
Ornico Group is a leading media monitoring agency with a proven track record..

Tech Stacks - ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, ES6, Git

Product - Online solution for monitoring adverts ( Radio, Tv, Newspapers)

Deployed 100+ new features on the platform leading to a 21% increase in revenue.
Developed Restful web services for frontend consumption.
Regularly cordinated with team members to implement application features and logic.
Wrote the front-end application using ReactJS with re-usable components
ReactJS NodeJS GraphQL Bootstrap HTML CSS Rest web services
Mega Planet Solutions
Jun 2016 - Dec 2017 (1 year 6 months)
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Web Developer
Mega Planet Solution is a leading digital agency..

Tech Stacks - ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Git

Created layouts/user interface for 50+ websites via standard HTML/CSS practice for clients
Maintained and updated clients websites on a weekly basis.
Corrected identified problems uncovered from clients feedback and testing to ensure 100% satisfaction.
html css3 javascript jquery php bootstrap ReactJS
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Project Ubu
Project UBU is a cryptocurrency payment system that aims to drive social development through the creation of a more resilient global economic ecosystem. The organisation makes use of a Universal Basic Unit, which is a freely issued digital token of exchange that derives its value from under-utilised assets, to improve global development by including millions of people currently marginalised in the global economy.
ReactJS GraphQL bootstrap Styled Components nodeJS sequelizejs Context dynamodb
Impact Board
Portal where data is collected and used by officials in the education system to support schools and teachers more effectively and provides data & information at an individual learner level; supporting students, teachers, school principals, schools & districts in South Africa.
ReactJS GraphQL Styled Components dynamodb aws lambda nodeJS ExpressJS typescript jest
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University of the People
Bachelors, Computer Science
Dec 2019 - Present
Front End Web Development Certification
Apr 2017

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