Hugo Carneiro
London, United Kingdom
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6 years 6 months
London, Greater London
Frontend Developer and UI Designer
Feb 2018 - Sep 2020 (2 years 7 months)
As part of the Fliplet's Growth team, my key responsibilities are to help our customers grow and produce more apps that makes them successful.

Having helped the Product team develop Fliplet and its features, I have an extensive knowledge about the product to be able to help our current and new clients to be successful.

My skills in Design and new Frontend development technologies help me produce the best apps for our products and help the Product team creating new features that we think will be beneficial for our clients.
Vue VueJS webpack gulp npm scss jquery git responsive design rest api jira github scrum javascript
Product Designer
Oct 2015 - Feb 2018 (2 years 4 months)
Designing and developing product features and providing the best experience to our clients through an easy to use and to understand user interface.
photoshop illustrator scss sass responsive design adobe illustrator adobe photoshop flexbox html
Junior Designer & Front-end Developer
Mar 2014 - Oct 2015 (1 year 7 months)
In this role the key responsibilities are to design user interfaces for Fliplet, to produce the best user experience, design marketing material, and develop new functionality and enhance existing ones.
Following a creative process to ensure every project gets done with outstanding quality.
Inspiration manager is another responsibility, to ensure the team is up-to-date with trends, new mobile layouts and best use and practice of new user interfaces.
Feb 2012 - Mar 2014 (2 years 1 month)
London, United Kingdom
Freelance Web Designer and Front-end Developer
Freelancing for a little over two years, which resulted in having gathered some knowledge about the design and web development market in London, achieving the deadlines even when not used to the technology, and improved the management skills.
Key responsibilities were, design bespoke websites and marketing graphic material, develop fully functional and intuitive websites and Web applications as well as acting as Sales and Marketing manager.
Mar 2009 - Nov 2011 (2 years 8 months)
Guimarães, Portugal
Graphic and Web Designer
Lead Graphic and Web Designer at XTEMAS.
Responsible for doing all the graphic work and web layouts for new and existing clients, as well as develop all the front end of client's websites.

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D. Dinis
Level III, Communication Design
Dec 2002 - Dec 2005
Instituto Superior da Maia
HNC, Design and Multimedia
Dec 2006 - Dec 2008

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