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SimplyPut Consulting, LLC
Mar 2021 - Jul 2021 (4 months)
Lead Software Engineer
.net core Angular azure shiftboard
Universal Plant Services LLC, Texas, USA
Jul 2016 - Nov 2020 (4 years 4 months)
Senior Developer and Architect (informal lead), 100% remote
For 30 years, Universal Plant Services (UPS) has been a comprehensive service provider for the energy industry, providing project management, installation, maintenance and repair services for rotating and fixed equipment for daily maintenance requirements, turnarounds, and capital projects.

* Collaborate with stakeholders & product owners to find solution to their problem (BA)
* Provide technical leadership and mentoring, on-demand audits on architecture & code, to reduce future expenses (via eliminating bugs and code-smell)
* Making others faster: by providing them with necessary project architecture, working prototypes (MVP) and reusable libraries to build features upon

Self-initiated acts & achievements from it:
* Reduced the upkeep of the main HR application by approx. 80% – Created proposals to a set of necessary refactor steps to ensure, data integrity & code-quality and to speed up future enhancements and eventual debugging. The project went on autopilot, allowing the company to free up a partially dedicated developer to other projects.
* Initiated and authored the creation of reusable packages (both for .NET and Angular), which resulted in developers creating more business value (features) instead of ballast-code.
* Introduced necessary technologies and tools for the .NET and Angular – which increased data-fetch speed and end-user-experience in our app-bundles

Reusables created:
* Extended toOdataString implementation (based on Kendo UI) to support extended OData operators
* Created data driven validation library with dynamic error display for angular
* Implemented in-app help (similar to spekit.co ) for the Angular app-bundle

Technologies used:
* .NET core, Dependency injection, SQL, ORM, Entity Framework, REST API, OData, SignalR
* Angular2, TypeScript, NativeScript, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, Syncfusion, Auth0
* JIRA, Git, Microsoft Azure DevOps & CI/CD, IIS 6.5/7

Principles applied:
* KISS, YAGNI, DRY, SOLID, Micro-services
.net core Angular agile azure jira git sql server entity framework azure devops scrum
Ceremity LLC, (formerly IgniteMedia LLC acquired by PDI LLC
Dec 2015 - Jun 2016 (6 months)
Alpharetta, United States
Senior .NET Developer and Architect, 100% remote
Recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Houston metro, Ceremity LLC provides handcrafted software innovations to transform your business. Major clients are from Oil & Gas industry.

* Working mostly individually on projects
* Prototyping, performance tunings

Projects realized there:
* 2016 - Texas 911 http://www.texas911.org/ (avail. within US only) – Application for Texas authorities to ease business service users to comply with Kari’s Law and Rule 251.16. My proposals helped to achieve better UX and allowed to finish project on budget (despite a change in the scope on the last-moment). [Angular JS, MVC WebAPI, MSSQL, IIS]
* 2016 - Fuel widget – A high-traffic widget, which needed refactor towards readability and further extensions [MVC, MSSQL, IIS] see: www.epicnewsdata.com, www.commercialfuelbuyer.com, www.priceinsight.co, www.fuelmarketernews.com)
* 2016 - Freeport LNG, TX, USA - Prototyping special solution for LNG import/export (shipping) [MVC, Rest API, SpreadSheetGear]
AngularJS coffeescript mvc

Add some compelling projects here to demonstrate your experience
Project manager dashboard - custom Angular Kendo UI grid extension to do incremental data load via OData
Jan 2018
Universal Plant Services
Client requested a different kind of grouping and additional features, that were not available inside the original KendoUI bundle. The screenshot is taken from a project which uses this newly added, reusable feature.
angular .net rest api typescript sql entity framework
OCR & Anonymization application for the General Prosecution of SR
Jun 2012
Tempest, a.s.
The application served as a digitalization station for scanning, categorizing and anonymizing personal details on sensitive documents prior their publishing.
winforms ocr gdi
Texas 911 - Kari's Law
May 2016
IgniteMedia LLC
Application for Texas authorities to ease business service users to comply with Kari’s Law and Rule 251.16. My proposals helped to achieve better UX and allowed to finish project on budget (despite a change in the scope on the last-moment).
.net api angularjs

This section lets you add any degrees or diplomas you have earned.
Slovak Technical University
Master's, Automation
Sep 1996 - Feb 2002
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Jun 2005
Agile Fundamentals: Including Scrum and Kanban - 2019
Dec 2019
Particular Software (Udi Dahan)
Advanced Distributed Systems Design using SOA & DDD
May 2020

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