Hosam Aly
Luton, United Kingdom

Polyglot software engineer with 14 years of experience. Top 1% on Stack Overflow. I care about quality, performance, process improvement, and risk reduction, with a keen eye for detail. I like to mentor more junior developers, and I’m told I am good at teaching. Interested in Scala, Ruby, and Polyglot contracts.

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Nov 2019 - Jan 2020 (2 months)
London, United Kingdom
Senior Software Engineer (contractor)
A short contract where I helped develop high-quality features and assess the viability of a new integration.

• Improved CI jobs and enabled them to capture test results
• Fixed intermittent test cases to make the build more stable
• Reviewed PRs for quality, performance, security
• Identified inconsistencies and risks in the codebase
• Developed a new, well-tested backend service

Technologies: Ruby 2.5, Ruby on Rails 5.2, PostgreSQL 11, GitHub GraphQL API, Circle CI, Heroku, Sentry, New Relic
Equal Experts
May 2019 - Oct 2019 (5 months)
London, United Kingdom
Senior Software Engineer (contractor)
Consulting at John Lewis, working on rebuilding a critical component of the online e-commerce platform.

• Designed (with the team) an architecture that supports safe migration to the new application
• Helped upskill employees on Docker, Kubernetes, and Continuous Integration using GitLab CI
• Configured K8s manifests for our microservices
• Configured a GitOps CI pipeline for safely applying K8s configuration to different environments
• Created a template for teams wishing to use this pipeline with Ktor on the John Lewis Digital Platform

Technologies: Kotlin 1.3, Ktor 1.2, GitLab CI, Kubernetes, Kustomize, Google Cloud Platform
Dec 2018 - Mar 2019 (3 months)
London, United Kingdom
Senior Software Engineer (contractor)
A short contract where I helped the Channels team become more productive.

• Created guidelines for producing SDK feature specifications
• Highlighted risky points in the infrastructure and pointed out some vulnerabilities in the app
• Created a Librato dashboard to visualise the impact of an issue on our customers
• Made suggestions for improving the development process
• Programmed a report that shows dormant GitHub repositories, as well as the combined backlog for different teams
• Pair-programmed with more junior developers to help them improve their skills
• Raised the bar for code review quality
• Provided exemplary customer support, winning new customers as a result

Main Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AWS, and Terraform

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Cairo University
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Sep 2002 - Jul 2006
• Graduation project mark: 200/200
• 1st position, ACM-ICPC ANARC 2003-2004 contest (https://acmacpc.org/)
• World Finalist, Egypt Representative, ACM-ICPC 2003-2004 contest (https://icpc.baylor.edu/)
ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP)
Nov 2017
New Relic
New Relic Certified Performance Pro
Oct 2019

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