Harshal Raverkar
Bengaluru, India

I am a skilled Developer and a Startup Enthusiast, capable of carrying end to end product development from design to deployment. I am highly motivated to learn new skills and technologies. I am a fast learner, dedicated, passionate and competitive. I also have very good leadership qualities with strong organizational & communication skills.

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Apr 2020 - Apr 2020 (Less than a month)
Hyderabad, India
Software Development Consultant
Working as SD Consultant.
Dec 2019 - Mar 2020 (3 months)
Bengaluru, India
Software Engineer
Designing the health care product.
GeoOpsis Software Services Private Limited
Sep 2016 - Dec 2019 (3 years 3 months)
Bengaluru South, India
Software Engineer
Luciad Developer.
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Marvel Universe Information
Apr 2020 - Present
TextError Technologies
Marvel universe character information.
Angular9 nodejs TypeScript RestAPI Postman
Image Search with Pinterest Style
Jan 2020 - Present
TextError Technologies
Image Search with Pinterest Style.
Angular Nodejs http RestAPI Postman unsplashAPI
Login Template using Firebase
Apr 2020 - Present
TextError Technologies
Login Template using Firebase.
Angular nodejs firebase

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Manipal Institute of Technology
Master of Science, Computing Technology & Virtualization
Aug 2014 - May 2016

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