Illia Ananich
Kyiv, Ukraine

In the era of ChatGPT public access technologies don't matter as much - most of the knowledge is at the fingertips of anyone who is skilled at prompt engineering. Good knowledge of Git and Linux (Ubuntu user since 2016). I learn by experimenting. Online CV: https://profile.codersrank.io/user/iananich See my LinkedIn account to learn what I am interested in.

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Nov 2022 - May 2023 (6 months)
Middle Software Engineer
Developing and supporting software in the team dedicated to creating solution for testing.

* Design and development of monitoring tools using an asynchronous approach.
* Development of procedures for node management.
* Covering legacy code in unit tests.
python3 FastAPI ansible docker Django AWX docker compose kubernetes pytest vagrant traefik shell
May 2022 - Jul 2022 (2 months)
Python (Django) Engineer
Web backend development on DjangoRestFramework for several projects.

* Design review, task estimation, and project setup.
* API design for new features.
* Extending legacy code with new features.
* Designing application in early stages with boilerplate for future extensions.

* Large project selling online courses and managing physical exams. My contribution involved tweaking the payments module to support upcoming features and implementing API for a new login option.
* Setting up codebase and design, including DB, for new online service. Includes *almost* initial Django project setup, participation in GitHub Actions setup, code linters config, negotiating API with FE and product owner.
* Starting a new project in an outdoor advertisement. Participating in team task estimations, and designing API for sign-in, invitations, and other features; starting DJango project with linters integration, pre-commit hooks, DB design; implementing key features.
python3 Django serverless aws postgresql amazon sqs celery
Ajax Systems
Jul 2021 - Apr 2022 (9 months)
Kyiv, Ukraine
Python Dev in Test
Design and implementation of automated tests using pytest and asyncio. The unusual bit in this is that we test Cloud communicating with many clients over different network protocols.

Stack I worked with here: pytest, asyncio, aiohttp, GRPC, HTS (proprietary protocol over TCP), allure, Jenkins, Docker & Docker compose.

* Design, development, and optimization of automated tests covering important
b2b and b2c solutions in an environment of complex custom protocols. Tests
involve working with DB, network communication, and multiple actors (to
emulate entities that communicate with the server). Automated tests cover
cases that would take enormous time if executed manually, and some of them
are hard to be reproduced manually (without scripting).
* Developed a system for accumulating definitions from 2 company protocols
into a single database, allowing for more straightforward data conversion from
one format to another.

See detailed description about the project I participated on while working at Ajax Systems in "Projects/Portfolio" section: Cloud test automation
pytest asyncio automated tests jenkins docker docker compose allure aiohttp grpc proto python3

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Cloud test automation (at Ajax Systems)
Dec 2021 - Feb 2022
Ajax Systems
This is an internal project used to write automated tests for Cloud.

Design and development of the framework for automation testing on top of pytest. The framework helps to leverage the idea of reusing test steps among multiple actors. The framework opens the possibility of extending existing tests with new types of actors, changing a number of them, and validating data on every client across multiple communication protocols.

The use of the framework helped the existing team write more complex test cases involving new network protocol and type of client in client-server communication. Tests written in the new protocol are much cleaner, with better separation of declaration versus implementation, which helps with code review and maintenance.
pytest aiohttp attrs python3
Scalable Tor service (improvement of original idea)
Aug 2020 - Aug 2020
Forked and extended existing project. This is a tool that deploys multiple Tor proxies and does so with the ease of single command.
My contribution is in making it easier to control using Makefile and adding the capability to deploy it as a Docker service which is useful in certain environments.
docker makefile
Post Broadcaster Telegram Bot
Mar 2021 - Present
This is a Telegram Bot that broadcasts (forwards) posts (messages) from the source channel to connected group chats. Routing is done by assigning tags to chats and posts.
python3 python-telegram-bot sqlalchemy

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Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Bachelor, Applied Physics
Jul 2017 - May 2021
The Applied Physics course encouraged me to use Python as a tool for the scientific analysis of experimental data.
My graduate work involves image processing done with the help of OpenCV and SciPy packages.

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