Ivan Averin
Moscow, Russia

Hi! I'm looking for opportunity to work as a python backend developer. Prefer to work on services, bots, APIs or some kind of internal tools. Previosly have an experience working as a product manager and for last 2,5 years returned to developer path.

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Sep 2019 - Aug 2020 (11 months)
Moscow, Russia
Backend services developer (python, nodeJs)
I’ve proposed, designed, delivered and maintained key element of company’s product – the integration with chatbot platform. This integration allowed to extend functionality of chatbot platform to all-round business ready product with features like: flexible configuration of service in respect of users’ profiles, marketing tracking, a/b testing, reporting visualizations and increased crash proofing. Also, have crafted some tools for testing optimizations. Have managed some cross-team development in order to being my and other core functionality alive. Looking for a job because most of development work is done on domain of my responsibility.
python3 flask node.js postgresql docker rasa grafana locust
Private Fund
Nov 2017 - Aug 2019 (1 year 9 months)
Moscow, Russia
Trading Platform Developer
Designed and developed the trade order management SDK. Have managed to develop and launch in production several trading algos.
python3 python postgresql grafana nodeJS
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Chatbot integration
Sep 2019 - Present
Have designed and developed a flask powered API and web based test tools for integration between main product’s backend (actual user-operator chat) and the Botpress chatbot platform. Also I’ve been designing, managing and leading some works with other guys of our team in order to deliver features which requires development of their components.
python3 node.js flask postgresql grafana docker locust
ZTOM - the Trade Order Management System
Feb 2018 - Aug 2019
ZTOM is the Python SDK for implementing the Trade Order Management System for digital assets exchanges. Originated from original development used in production environment. Prooved to be failsafe and robust.
python3 postgresql grafana
Feb 2018 - Sep 2019
Trading Bot implementing triangular arbitrage. Build upon the ZTOM SDK as the working 24*7*365 application proceeded the significant amount of digital assets. Showed actual positive profitability. Here presented a little stripped version with not "profitable" parameters configuration as a sample of applicatoin build with Ztom.
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Lomonosov Moscow State University
master, physics
Sep 2000 - Feb 2006
Introduction to Deep Learning in Python
Jun 2017

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