Ionut-Cristian Florescu
Bucharest, Romania

Full-stack developer with 20+ years of experience, leaning heavily towards the front-end. Contributor to tRPC.io and Mantine, creator of Mantine DataTable, tRPC-SvelteKit, PocketBaseUML and other open-source projects trusted by the developers community and used by many startups across the world, totaling nearly 3k stars on GitHub and over 300k monthly NPM downloads. Currently focusing on web applications development with TypeScript, React/Next.js, Svelte/SvelteKit and Node.js.

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Jul 2021 - Nov 2023 (2 years 4 months)
Bucharest, Romania
Owner | Senior Full-Stack Developer
SWAPP is a workflow management and accounting application built for Romanian freelancers and small-business owners, enabling them to keep track of customers, contracts, projects, work effort, invoices and check-register entries. It also produces "real-time" accounting and financial reports.

Our small team of two people built the entire platform and website "from scratch" over 7 months - from hand-drawn UX/UI concepts, through Figma artboards, countless lines of code, to production deployment on a custom VPS.

The universally-rendered React/Next.js application code is written in Typescript and styled with SCSS modules. We're using Next-Auth to manage the user authentication workflow and Prisma with PostgreSQL for data persistence. Most of our business logic is handled within Next.js API routes and we've also used some advanced PL/pgSQL functions to be able to quickly generate "real-time" reports data. The UI is built on top of a slightly customized version of Ant Design - the most complete framework of UI components for React to date, perfectly suited for high-productivity desktop interfaces with heavy data density.

Our users' invoice documents are generated on-the-fly using a fantastic library called ReactPDF.

We've built a custom (bash-scripts based) scenario to reliably manage our production-deployment workflow, and be able to operate a low-cost production environment on a couple of Docker containers residing on an Ubuntu Server VPS.

We've using Paylike (by LUNAR) to accept online payments from our users, and since our application was custom-built, we've rolled our own integration using their Web SDK APIs.
typescript prisma ReactJS ant css database design docker scripting html api sass
Jan 2016 - Sep 2019 (3 years 8 months)
Bucharest, Romania
Senior Full-Stack Developer
Redesigning and rebuilding from scratch the entire third version of the codebase and managing the PaaS infrastructure of one of the best automobile marketplaces in Romania.

Technology key-points:

• ES6/7 on both the server and client-side;
• Server application built with Express.js/Node.js, running on a custom-built PaaS infrastructure hosted on ArubaCloud;
• Data persistence layer built with Bookshelf.js/Knex.js on top of PostgreSQL, with a custom-made FTS engine to fully support Romanian language;
• Data caching on a dedicated Redis server;
• Views built with Jade and styled with Stylus;
• BLOB storage on Amazon AWS;
• PWA elements built with VanillaJS/DOMTastic/Riot.js, without jQuery.
javascript html css responsive design postgresql nodeJS
Exposure Recruitment
Nov 2011 - Nov 2012 (1 year)
Co-Founder & Executive Search Consultant
Exposure Recruitment was a Dublin-based recruitment agency whose aim is to "make great things happen" by helping quality businesses and professionals find each other in the global market.

Our extensive "hands-on" technical background enabled us to do things a bit differently than the usual recruitment agencies. We "knew people" but we also knew technology.
html css nodeJS tech-screening business planning

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Mantine DataTable
Aug 2022 - Present
Mantine DataTable is a lightweight, dependency-free component that brings datagrid-like functionality to your data-rich user interfaces, with dark-mode support and intuitive Gmail-style additive batch rows selection out of the box.

As of November 2023, the library has over 700 GitHub stars and is nearing 40k monthly NPM downloads.
ReactJS typescript css ux ui frontend mantine styled-components nextjs
Mantine ContextMenu
Apr 2023 - Present
Craft your applications for productivity and meet your users’ expectations by enhancing your UIs with desktop-grade, lightweight yet fully-featured context menus that respect the Mantine color scheme out of the box.

As of November 2023, the library is nearing 5k monthly NPM downloads.
typescript ReactJS next.js ux ui frontend styled-components
Feb 2022 - Oct 2023
Move fast and break nothing.
End-to-end typesafe APIs for your
SvelteKit applications.
typescript svelte sveltekit

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Politehnica University of Bucharest
Sep 1996 - Jun 2001
National College of Information Technology
Sep 1992 - Jun 1996
Fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL - Master (ARG2)
Oct 2018
JavaScript 30 Challenge (JS31)
Feb 2018
React Native: Advanced Concepts
May 2017

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