Sadman Sobhan
Java Software Engineer at Dohatec New Media Full-time
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I’m a java software engineer but previously worked as a python developer. I am a newbie reactjs programmer. I am a self-motivated and enthusiastic software engineer who loves to dig drive technology and learn cutting-edge technologies. My greatest strength is adapting to new tech stacks and collaborative team player. In my profession, I am performing: ▸ Analyze client's requirements and report project manager. ▸ Implement features and fixing bugs. ▸ Develop a personal brand strategy that is quickly recognizable. ▸ Perform writing code and peer reviews. ▸ Develop API for integrating with other systems. Skills: Java, Python, JavaScript, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Maven, RESTful API, Junit, JavaFX, Unix/Linux, Git, SQL, React/Redux, JWT, MySQL. I am very passionate to learn various software architecture, design, and large distributed systems. I have also a great interest in algorithms and data structures and love to solve problems. Software security and cryptography are my favorite topics to learn. I am interested in full-stack development. I am searching for new and challenging opportunities.

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Dohatec New Media Full-time
Oct 2016 - Present (5 years 10 months)
43, Bangladesh Current workspace
Currently Sadman Sobhan supports the Dohatec New Media Full-time

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Java Software Engineer
Established long-term and enduring international partnerships with government and non-government organizations along with enterprise solution. Exhibit expertise in the agile development of an electronic government procurement with effective features for uploading big files, organizing, and modeling data in relational databases, managing FAIR and TRUST principles, and extending products beyond cloud.

▸ Performed as software engineer role for National Electronic Government Procurement System for fixing bugs, implementing features and analyzing client’s requirement ensuring data privacy and integrity.
▸ Directed iterative, agile, and incremental software engineering practices and triggered 150% increase in user engagement in the last six months along with collaborating closely with stakeholders, customers, and product team.
Java spring boot hibernate
Jaliks Soft IT Limited Full-time
Feb 2016 - Jun 2016 (4 months)
Back End Developer
Worked as a .Net developer few months. Implemented features and fixed bugs in the large education application.
▸gained experience in framework and C# language.
▸Wrote stored procedure in MSSQL server.
.net C# MSSQL
Pranon Contract
Jun 2014 - Sep 2014 (3 months)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Student Intern
Worked as wordpress developer few months. Implemented features and fixed bugs in the large education application.
▸gained experience in wordpress CMS and php language.
▸Designed schema in MySQL.
MySQL PHP wordpress
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Book Review Application
Nov 2018 - Present
Nepal E-Government Procurement
Jun 2018 - Present
This is a electronic procurement site of Nepal government. DG Market and Dohatec New Media are jointly working on this project. I am working in this project as a software developer.
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Khulna University
Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer Science and Engineering
Jan 2011 - Jan 2016
I studied in Khulna University from 2011 to 2016. I am successfully completed my course. In campus life, i attended many activities like organizing Rag day, CSE day, cultural program, study tour etc.
Shaheed Mashiur Rahman Degree College
Higher Secondary School Certificate, Science
Jan 2008 - Jan 2010
Jhikargacha M. L. High School
Secondary School Certificate, Science
Jan 2003 - Jan 2008
• Attended in co-curricular activities like debate, speech, cricket, football etc.
• Arranged many programs like study tour, iftar party, farewell party etc.
• Got Junior Scholarship at 2005.
• Got GPA-5 at 2008.
Convolutional Neural Networks
May 2019
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
May 2018
Python 3 Tutorial Course
Apr 2018

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