Imesha Sudasingha
Colombo, Sri Lanka

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking" - Henry Ford A one of a kind full stack software engineer experienced in architecting multi-tenant distributed full stack solutions with complex security requirements. Strong conceptual knowledge, knowledge sharing, collaboration, quick adaptability and the ability to see the bigger picture are my key characteristics.

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Enactor Limited
Jun 2018 - Jun 2020 (2 years)
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Software Engineer
Enactor is an end-to-end Retail solution provider based in United Kingdom.

✔ Writing technical specifications
✔ Carrying out PoCs on new features and technologies
✔ Designing and developing new features for Enactor Payment Gateway and Enactor Payment Portal
✔ Providing technical guidance to a small team
✔ Ensuring timely delivery of new features and bug fixes through rapid development

✔ Designed and developed a fully automated performance test suite for Enactor estate manager.
✔ Designed Enactor payment portal real time payments event processing and reporting architecture.
✔ Developed Enactor Payment Portal and Payment Gateway user interfaces using ReactJS.
✔ Designed a JDBC based tomcat session management solution.
✔ Lead a small team to deliver features and change requests on time.

✔ Java EE (Jakarta EE)
✔ ReactJS
✔ Elasticsearch / Kibana
✔ Docker / Docker Swarm
✔ Ansible
✔ Jenkins / Continuous Integration / DevOps
✔ JMeter
✔ Microservices
✔ AWS / Azure
Augur Analytics
Dec 2017 - May 2018 (5 months)
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Co-Founder & CTO
A startup based on image processing and object/human tracking related technologies to generate useful analytics from real-time video processing.

✔ Lead a team of four to develop an image processing based human behavior monitoring tool and customer service efficiency monitoring tool.
✔ Successfully deployed a PoC in a local bank (with 94 branches) to improve customer satisfaction by identifying long waiting customers in queues and service counters in real-time with above solutions.

✔ Java
✔ Spring Framework
✔ OpenCV
✔ Tensorflow
✔ Angular
✔ Image Procession
✔ Face Recognition
✔ Human Tracking
✔ Computer Vision
The Apache Software Foundation
May 2017 - Aug 2017 (3 months)
Google Summer of Code Intern
OODT was originally developed at NASA JPL for information integration and processing. Implemented distributed configuration management for OODT using Zookeeper which eliminates the requirement to manually configure different OODT components in different servers manually.

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University of Moratuwa
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Engineering
Feb 2014 - Jan 2018

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