Simon Jackson
London, United Kingdom

Excellent scientific and mathematical analytic ability. Wide technical knowledge of computer systems and telecommunications. Distracted with green issues.

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K Ring Technologies Ltd.
Nov 2015 - Nov 2021 (6 years)
London, United Kingdom
Director and Coder
A limited company I set up to do work in the computer, science and technology areas.
java python c c++ php phpmyadmin mysql apache webserver database design ubuntu scripting bash linux agile unit testing
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A QMK Small C Optimization
- Present
K Ring Technologies Ltd.
An older build system for an ANSI60 keyboard programming file, with added macros and templated layers to fill in for personalization.
c embedded c gcc github git visual studio code atom
Majar, a simple Java implementation of a script language.
- Present
K Ring Technologies Ltd.
A simple scripting language, which does have some empty classes for some of the eventual modules I hope to add.
java bash forth ide errors security
Audio modules plugin for VCV Rack
- Present
K Ring Technologies Ltd.
A plugin for the VCV Rack virtual modular synthesizer.
c++ DSP gcc
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City University
BEng., Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Sep 1988 - Aug 1992
Electrons ... and sparks.

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