Jakub Andrýsek
Brno, Czechia

I'm Jakub Andrýsek, a high school student of informatics from the Czech Republic. I'm usually building tools and products that make developers' and customers' lives easier.

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DDM Helceletka
Nov 2021 - Jan 2023 (1 year 2 months)
Brno, Czechia
Internal systems programmer
Programming accessories for the internal system:
- WordPress (event plugin, Google Drive plugin)
- Google Apps Script (automatization in Google Docs)
javascript php Google Apps Script
Aug 2019 - Jan 2023 (3 years 5 months)
Brno, Czechia
Lecture robotics and 3d modeling
Lector of Robotic courses - teaching:
- 3D modeling
- programming: Arduino, ESP32
- competition: Robotic Day in Prague (RoboticDay.org), Robotiada in Brno (Robotiada.cz);
c++ python 3D modeling
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Integration into Industry 4.0 - iSocks IoT
Apr 2020 - Jun 2021
iSocks IoT is a system for automatic monitoring of industrial production and its implementation in practice.

The system was designed as a universal platform for monitoring production machines, with a primary focus on knitting machines.
php javascript mysql nette
Design and implementation of a warehouse system
Jul 2021 - Present
ROTEX Vysočina s.r.o.
A web application for recording completed socks linked to Google Sheets.
React typescript javascript
Mini laboratory power supply
Sep 2021 - Sep 2021
The smallest power supply with Power Delivery support.
3D modeling 3D printing

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Gymnázium Brno, Vídeňská, příspěvková organizace
Last year, IT high school
Sep 2017 - Present

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