Jan Reggie Dela Cruz
Software Engineer II at SnapMart Inc.
Manila, Philippines

I am an independent mid-level polyglot software engineer and avid self-learner, who possesses skills in problem solving and effective communication. I am passionate with what I do and know that the software I make will have a positive impact in this world. In my spare time, I engage with my interests in literature, as well as maintain and create several side projects in my GitHub.

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SnapMart Inc.
Sep 2021 - Present (11 months)
Taguig City, Philippines Current workspace
Currently Jan Reggie Dela Cruz supports the SnapMart Inc.

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Software Engineer II
For this role I am a back-end software engineer developing several web APIs in Go for Landers.ph, an online grocery platform in the Philippines. The microservices that we have utilize several libraries and frameworks e.g., go-chi, Postgres, swagger.
Outside of developing new features, I have upgraded old Dockerfiles and code to mitigate security and build issues, such as when we needed to upgrade to a new Go version, use code generation, or deprecate a dependency.
I have participated in an Agile environment with Scrum ceremonies and practices, and have coordinated with several front-end and mobile developers when they need to communicate with the API.
go swagger microservices docker jenkins postgresql
Metro East Technology Resources, Inc. Full-time
Dec 2020 - May 2021 (5 months)
Software Engineer
Developed several libraries in Go and C++ on real-time collection of metrics and unique ID generation, among others
Worked with legacy C++ code
Used GitHub and SVN to host code, track issues, and collaborate with coworkers
C++ Go git
SolarSolutions Inc. Internship
Jul 2019 - Aug 2019 (1 month)
NCR - National Capital Region, Philippines
Research Intern
Performed research on related literature regarding the current status of the solar energy industry in the Philippines.

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janreggie's sandbox
Sep 2020 - Present
Blog website to document my projects and any topics that I find interesting
hugo html5 scss markdown
Feb 2022 - Present
Translating 10-15 year old C++ code for the DjVu document format to Go and making it idiomatic in Go standards
go c++ djvu
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Ateneo de Manila University
Bachelor of Science - BS, Computer Engineering
Jan 2015 - Jan 2020
Developed several mobile applications such as a memory game in Android Studio
Co-created implementations of several mathematical algorithms in C++
Documented several projects’ algorithms, API functions, and bugs
Co-created a port of Snake, among other projects, for Arduino
Established familiarity in version control techniques
Took electives in ITIL practices, basic German, and Chinese society

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