jasp402 (Jesús Pérez)
Lima, Peru

With more than 10 years of experience in application development. Dedicated to transforming the needs of organizations, providing optimal solutions to complex problems, always oriented to the latest technologies, considering good practices and focused on the quality of results. Recently I have specialized in process automation, creation of automated systems, information extraction through webScraping and development of high-end systems for the health sector.

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May 2019 - Present
Welcome to the JS PackTools Library. This is a pack of utilities. What started out as a couple of ideas quickly turned into a class that grouped together various types of functionality. The intention of this package is to group a set of helpers and / or utilities, to facilitate routine work, especially related to Backend in node and webScraping.
javascript nodejs npm
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Univerdad Nacional Experimental de la Fuerza Armada (UNEFA)
Engineer system
Sep 2005 - Jul 2010
Location: Los Teques - Miranda. Venezuela

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