Jacob Beck
Senior FrontEnd Engineer at Parlor
Phoenix, United States

Front End Developer with a specialty in ReactJS and Typescript (also Next.js and Gatsby). I also have design and product development experience which allows me to handle every step from ideation to production.

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Jul 2021 - Present (2 years 5 months)
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Currently Jacob Beck supports the Parlor

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Senior FrontEnd Engineer
Lead the creation of a MFE architecture using webpack 5.
Lead the creation of Bit.Dev repo to create a unified component store for all of our micro front ends.
Helped make decisions on product and engineering specs.
Created CI/CD scripts for pipelines.
Heavy hand in creating Parlor 2.0
ReactJS typescript shell
Ever Accountable
4 years 1 month
Software Engineer
Apr 2021 - May 2021 (1 month)
Overseeing the development of the Recovery Program from both a product and tech perspective.
Helping determine course content.
Building a React Native application from scratch for this program (in progress)
Building a ML Image classifier (in progress)
React Native python3 fastai
VP of Product, Front End Dev, and Data Analytics
Apr 2017 - Apr 2021 (4 years)
Designed and built the intra-app Recovery Program to Ever Accountable with ReactJS.
Built bulldogblocker.com SPA using ReactJS.
Researched and analyzed data to increase our prices according to market demand.
Created meaningful product updates based on user feedback and product analysis
Created automated metrics to track user feedback and improve customer support.
Designed review process that has generated 4.5X more 5-star app reviews.
Use website and user data to create meaningful content, increase leads, and conversion rates.
Increased ranking organic keywords by 600% and organic clicks by 300%.
Created high converting landing pages for ads.
ReactJS python3 wordpress FastAI
Hello Ralphie
Apr 2021 - May 2021 (1 month)
Software Engineer
Inherited front end ReactJS responsibilities across the entire web app.
Created Partner Analytics Dashboard to view appointments created overtime.
Assisted in developing the Product and wireframes.
Complete onboarding revamp (May 2021).
Created a web scraper to find leads that loads them directly to HubSpot for the marketing team.
Managed the WP site for technical SEO.
ReactJS python3 wordpress
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Triviamatic Trivia Web App
Oct 2020 - Oct 2020
This was a demo app used to prove my capabilities with ReactJS. It uses a simple API request to play a simple, 10 question, trivia game.
ReactJS css html
MarkDown Previewer
Sep 2017 - Sep 2017
Self Employed
A simple markdown text previewer using ReactJS and a GitHub style markdown editor.
javascript ReactJS markdown
Bulldog Blocker Website/SPA
Dec 2019 - Dec 2019
Ever Accountable
This is a SPA/website built for an Android app called Bulldog Blocker using Gatsby.js which is ReactJS based.
ReactJS gatsby responsive design

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Louisiana State University
Bachelors, Interdisciplinary Studies
Aug 2008 - May 2013
A bachelor's degree with 3 minors: Mathematics, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. The most applicable is my Mathematics studies, which built a background in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Probability.
Build Front-End Web Apps from Scratch
Jun 2018
Learn the Basics of Machine Learning Course
Sep 2018
Intro to Statistics with R: Introduction

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