Jelena Marjanovic
Software Engineer at Yahoo
Pozarevac, Serbia

A partly self-taught Java developer (I've learned basics during my formal education) and JavaScript developer on the path of constant self-improving. A fast learner and knowledge seeker, eager to continuously acquire new skills and competencies, as well to improve existing. I have the ability and willingness to quickly integrate into a team so I can provide value to the company and the clients, and build strong working relationships. Although I am able to work on own initiative. I have a strong mathematical background and analytical skills with the ability to solve problems efficiently. Quality-oriented, user-focused, committed to meeting deadlines, reliable, responsible, self-disciplined and self-motivated; having good interpersonal and communication skills. Occasionally attending IT conferences, meetups, and similar happenings. In general, programming is my passion. In free time, reading about IT and epic fantasy books, playing acoustic guitar, taking long walks, and playing basketball recreationally.

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Mar 2022 - Present (1 year 6 months)
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Currently Jelena Marjanovic supports the Yahoo

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Software Engineer
Callsign Contract
Apr 2020 - Mar 2022 (1 year 11 months)
Associate JavaScript Engineer
- Developing new features and reusable components across the entire codebase using JavaScript (React.js / Redux.js / TypeScript), SCSS and Storybook;
- Collaborating with Product Owner, Scrum Master, and other members of the team and fully owning medium to small-size feature implementations;
- Presenting new features in company-wide demos;
- Conducting and receiving code reviews;
- Participating in knowledge-sharing sessions with other engineers and teams;
- TDD testing with Jest and Enzyme;
- BDD testing with Cucumber and Cypress;
- Working in the Agile team over program increments divided into sprints using Jira agile management software.
JavaScript Redux ReactJS typescript jest enzyme Cypress sass Storybook
Tehnicom Solutions
Aug 2019 - Dec 2019 (4 months)
Belgrade, Serbia
JavaScript | React Developer
As an extern developer, I worked with a team from sTech d.o.o. on developing the application for the insurant company. Created custom reusable components and implemented them into forms, mainly. Connected frontend part with REST API (C# and .NET at backend) and wrote queries to get and use data.
Tech stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Redux-Saga, Material-UI, CSS Grid, and Flexbox, JSS, Formik, yup, Axios, Storybook
JavaScript ReactJS Redux TypeScript scss Material-UI JSS Formik yup Storybook axios jest

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University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences
Bachelor of Science - BS, Information Technologies
Jan 2021 - Jan 2023
BIT Belgrade Institute of Technology
FrontEnd Bootcamp
Jan 2018 - Jan 2018
Bootcamp system: 5 days per week, 10 weeks, 400 working hours.
Fundamental concepts and Internet protocols; HTML5, CSS3; Sass; Bootstrap, Materialize; JavaScript ES5 & ES6 (pseudo-classes, prototypes, OO design, AJAX); jQuery; Version control (Git, GitHub); SPA; ReactJS; XML/JSON web services - API; Package managers; Scrum and teamwork
Redux Saga with React: Fast-track Redux Saga intro course
Jun 2021
2021 Update! React Testing with Jest and Enzyme
Apr 2021
Jelena Marjanovic has participated in React Summit Remote Edition 2021
Apr 2021

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