Jimmy Briggs
Co-Owner | CEO at No Clocks, LLC
Atlanta, United States

Creative and entrepreneurial Software Engineer and Actuarial Scientist with background working in dynamic and progressive environments as both an actuary and a developer in large and small organizations. Fluent in a multitude of programming languages and frameworks used to develop software within a wide variety of industries. Collaborative team player focused on scoping projects and achieving objectives with speed and accuracy. Successful history of identifying patterns, making interpretations, and producing results.

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No Clocks, LLC
Jan 2024 - Present (4 months)
Atlanta, Georgia Current workspace
Currently Jimmy Briggs supports the No Clocks, LLC

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Co-Owner | CEO
Co-owner of new technology startup: No Clocks, LLC.
May 2023 - Present (1 year)
Remote Current workspace
Currently Jimmy Briggs supports the Freelance

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Software Engineer | Cloud Architect
Cloud Architecture and Web Application Development
cloud terraform python Flask API Design database design databases sql azure windows powershell git github webserver http ubuntu unit testing visual studio code scripting agile bash nginx linux azure devops
Sep 2021 - May 2023 (1 year 8 months)
Senior Associate | Actuarial Modernization
Actuarial Modernization using emerging technologies and cloud solutions.
aws sql python azure terraform git gitops agile actuarial-science insurance rating pricing accounting finance math excel excel-vba reporting devops github scripting azure active directory sql-server azure devops http ci/cd bash

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Dec 2021 - Dec 2021
Source Code: https://github.com/jimbrig/clip2mark

Easily convert richly formatted text or HTML to Markdown.

This demo site demonstrates the use of javascript to intake contents from the clipboard (text, rich text, or HTML) and return as markdown.
Dec 2021 - Present
R package and Shiny App for Actuarial Loss Development and Reserving
KaaS - Knowledge as a Service
Oct 2021 - Present
Source Code Repos: https://github.com/jimbrig/kaas-new and https://github.com/jimbrig/KaaS
Published Sites: https://publish.obsidian.md/kaas, https://jimbrig.github.io/KaaS/

My personal knowledge base - KaaS or Knowledge as a Service.

Customized, digital second brain structured loosely as a Zettelkasten, a collection of interlinked Atomic Notes about anything that interests me.

Consider it a Digital Garden. It is a garden that needs to be maintained and cared for overtime to produce fruitful outcomes.

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The University of Georgia
Bachelor's Degree, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science
Jan 2011 - Dec 2015
The University of Georgia
Minor, Statistics
Jan 2011 - Dec 2015
The University of Georgia
Certificate, Actuarial Science
Jan 2011 - Dec 2014
Python Object-Oriented Programming
Mar 2023
Excel: Creating a Dashboard with Power Query (Office 365/Microsoft 365)
Apr 2022
Big Picture: Enterprise Data Management
Feb 2022

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