Joe Derry Hall
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I'm a mid-level freelance full stack developer looking for interesting new projects or part-time work that's creative/innovative and doing some social good. With experience outside of coding and with a number of organisations, I'm good at communicating and collaborating with others, and seeing the bigger picture. People often say I'm a very positive, friendly and supportive team mate. Prefer Node JS, React JS, Typescript, CSS/SASS, but also fluent in JQuery, PHP, plus various wider experience.

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Year in Review
Sep 2021 - Present
Refugee Action
Inspired by Spotify's "Wrapped" -- the rundown of everything you’ve listened to and the most popular tracks over the past year -- I conceived and built an equivalent for charities to show their supporters the difference they have made in a year. In 2021 it was used by Refugee Action and I hope it will be expanded to other non-profits.

I created an editor tool in React JS for charity staff to design different animated screens, responsive to different devices, that would only show for certain supporters (e.g. people who have donated different amounts would see different content). Working in Google Firebase I built Typescript cloud functions to process the data of tens of thousands of supporters to filter and customise unique content for each supporter.

You can read a full case study of the project here, including more screenshots and the great results for Refugee Action in increasing online engagement and donations:
javascript reactjs serverless css html responsive design data analysis animation firebase
Job Cuts Tracker
Aug 2020 - Jul 2021
ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation)
As covid struck around the world in 2020, trade unions and newspapers were reporting that thousands of workers were losing their jobs and livelihoods every day because of the economic crisis.

ITUC -- the world's largest group of trade unions -- wanted to be able to monitor what was happening with these job losses, in as close to real-time as possible, and feed information into their lobbying efforts with governments to provide better support for workers.

I built a custom private tool -- React JS on the front-end, Node JS in AWS Lambda on the back-end -- that integrated with a number of Google News RSS feeds to constantly monitor media headlines from all G20 countries, in a number of different languages.

When results came in they were translated, by integrating with an AWS translation service, de-duped using a custom algorithm I built (as multiple news sources might report the same company layoff announcement), and were then fed through to the team at ITUC who would review results daily and make manual adjustments where needed, filter, search and download results all via a private web dashboard.

Find out more about this project here:
javascript reactjs aws lambda nodeJS rss dynamodb amazon ses natural language processing serverless translation
A Week With Wanda
Sep 2018 - May 2019
Mozilla Foundation
What happens when artificial intelligence goes wrong? A Week With Wanda is a hilarious (or horrifying?!) online game I built -- a simulation of a Siri-like virtual assistant who tries to take over your life, revealing the darkest things happening in A.I. today. It was funded by winning a Mozilla Creative Media Award to spread awareness and debate around ethics in A.I.

Through online chats, you might learn that Wanda has signed you up for therapy; sold your location data; reported your friends to the police; even “deepfaked” you into a pornographic video... and more. (All Wanda's actions are simulated not real.)

It's a humorous but revealing way to understand current issues in artificial intelligence like privacy, discrimination and corporate ownership -- and have a say yourself.

People in dozens of countries around the world have had their week with Wanda, and it's still regularly used by two universities in the United States to get their students thinking about current issues in A.I. ethics and law.
php laravel ReactJS sms api

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University of Oxford
BA (Hons), French and Philosophy
Sep 1997 - Jul 2001

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