Joey Burzynski
Miami Beach, United States

SEO expert, full-stack developer, technophile. I drive revenue. All other metrics pale in comparison. Be it billion dollar brands or startups, I've spent the last 20 years architecting technology solutions and innovative search marketing strategies (domestic & international) for e-commerce. My core competencies include organic search marketing (SEO), software development, and e-commerce marketing automation through the application of computational ontologies/NLP.

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Jun 2012 - May 2022 (9 years 11 months)
Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area
Founder & CTO
As founder and CTO of MarketKarma, I oversee organic search strategy for all enterprise accounts and work to create innovative solutions to assist retailers in tackling their digital marketing challenges. Leading brands rely on our technology to manage their organic search presence, allowing them to extend their catalog and improve their visibility online. The results are clear: higher rankings, more traffic, and ultimately — more revenue.

Notable clients: DistroMex, Eddie Bauer, GiftCardMall, Gold's Gym, GUESS, Livingston Lures, Marciano, PacSun, Ritter Dental, Sacha Cosmetics, SPFM LP

• Serve as lead for organic search strategy (SEO) for enterprise accounts.
• Serve as lead software architect in MarketReach (SaaS) platform development.
seo natural language processing (nlp) machine learning marketing automation technical seo ecommerce algorithmic optimization composable commerce headless commerce natural language generation (nlg) named entity recognition (ner)
CouponMate Browser Extension
Jan 2011 - Jan 2017 (6 years)
Miami Beach, United States
Learn more and download at

CouponMate automatically finds and applies the best coupon for your purchase when you shop online. Get the latest coupons delivered automagically to your browser with CouponMate. CouponMate features coupons from over 100,000 stores, updated daily. Inspired by hours of frustration applying invalid codes, we're not just another coupon tool.
affiliate marketing browser extensions javascript
4 years
Dallas, Texas
VP, Organic Search Strategy (SEO) at SearchDex
Jan 2008 - Jan 2011 (3 years)
Served as lead for organic search (SEO) strategy and business development for key enterprise accounts.

Notable clients: Ace Cash Express, Athleta, Banana Republic, Blockbuster, Buckle, CheapCaribbean, Diesel, Ebates, Fossil, Gap, Horchow, JCPenney, Old Navy, Oriental Trading Company, Piperlime, Red Envelope, Sacha Cosmetics, Smart Bargains, Williams-Sonoma

• Served as lead for organic search strategy for key enterprise accounts.
• Generated over $150M annually for clients directly via implementation of organic search strategies.
• Generated over $5M in new annual revenues for SearchDex through program expansion and client acquisition.
seo marketing automation natural language processing (nlp) javascript nodeJS redis mongodb jamstack serverless amazon s3
Analyst, Organic Search Strategy (SEO) at SearchDex
Jan 2007 - Jan 2008 (1 year)
Served as lead for organic search strategy on the JCPenney account.

• Negotiated a 300% increase in annual client billings for SearchDex.
• Architected a virtual taxonomy publishing strategy that allowed for algorithmic expansion (40X) of indexable, content-centric category pages
• Increased annual revenue directly attributable to organic search from $20M to $100M.
enterprise seo marketing automation natural language processing html css responsive design nodeJS javascript redis mongodb aws s3 ruby

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