Joshua Monyei
Backend Engineer at Creditchek
Lagos, Nigeria

I specialize in building web applications and providing data sourced business model specific to the needs of my clients. I have done work in software development, data analytics, database/server management and cloud engineering.

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Feb 2022 - Present (2 years 2 months)
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Currently Joshua Monyei supports the Creditchek

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Backend Engineer
Built and managed a backend micro-service function for processing payment and billings.

Collaborated as a key contributor in developing a minimum viable product (MVP) that satisfied the product requirement.
mongodb rabbitmq nodeJS docker redis typescript kubernetes microservices
Nov 2021 - Jun 2022 (7 months)
Sunnyvale, California.
Associate Software Engineer
Collaborated and worked closely with the product and design team to understand better the end-user requirements and improving software quality through writing unit tests and automation.
python nodeJS mongodb nginx pm2 selenium websocket
HNG Internship
Aug 2021 - Oct 2021 (2 months)
Lagos, NG
Back End Developer
Application and infrastructure planning, testing and development.
Designed database architecture and managed its creation
and integration.
Developed APIs to be consumed by the frontend.

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