Julio Cezar Borges
Tech lead at Grupo Sym
Divinopolis, Brazil


A Passionate Developer and Tech evangelist !! Tech lead at Grupo Sym.

Portuguese (Português)
(Native or bilingual proficiency)
Spanish; Castilian (español, castellano)
(Limited working proficiency)
English (English)
(Full professional proficiency)

Tech Stack

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Java(11 years)
C#(11 years)
delphi(11 years)
android(7 years)
kotlin(4 years)
.net(2 years)
microsservices(2 years)

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Grupo Sym
May 2019 - Present (2 years)
Divinópolis, Brazil Current workspace
Currently Julio Cezar Borges supports the Grupo Sym

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Tech lead
Develop team skills technically and improve our proccess to gain more quality
Social Miner
Jan 2019 - May 2019 (4 months)
São Paulo, Brazil
Software Engineer
Developing C# APIs for the principal marketing platform of company. APIs that worked by million of users by second
Inovação Computação Móvel
Sep 2009 - Dec 2018 (9 years 3 months)
Divinópolis, Minas Gerais Brazil
Senior Full Stack Developer
Android application development using Java and kotlin.
Windows Mobile application development using C # and Compact Framework.
Windows Forms Desktop application development using C #.
REST API development using .NET Framework and .NET Core.
Web application development using ASP.NET MVC.
Web application development using AngularJs and Node Js.


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Meu Consultorio
May 2019 - Present
Grupo SYM
MeuConsultorio is a medical record application. That improves the medical care process by offering virtual and face-to-face services, as well as scheduling appointments and viewing exam results.
C# .net core Angular AngularJs MySQL CQRS Typescript


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Faculdade Pitágoras
Bachelor, Information Systems
Jan 2007 - Dec 2010


Descola.org escola de inovação
Lead: Fundamentos da boa liderança
Dec 2019
Injeção de dependência com C#, ASP NET Core e Microsoft DI
Jun 2019
ASP.NET Core: Aprendendo do zero ao avançado (v 1.1 e 2.0)
Jan 2020
Jogos 2D com Unity + C#
Jan 2020


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