Yuriy Piddubnyak
San Francisco, United States

Front End JavaScript - React Developer. Primary technology stack (commercial experience): React.js (+Redux/Flux), TypeScript, jQuery, PHP (basics). Secondary (non commercial): Node.js (+jQuery, +Express), MongoDB, Firebase, basics of PHP (Laravel, Symfony) and MySQL. Fluent English. Eager to learn. Team player. Strong background in classic marketing and communications. Permanent location: Kyiv. Would consider prospective of relocating to USA (California).

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Jun 2018 - Aug 2021 (3 years 2 months)
Front End Developer
Development of new projects, features and components, together with back-end developers and single-handedly.
Fine-tune, refactor and documenting existing components.
Investigate and fix bugs.
- Front End part of Agency Directory project from scratch. Technology stack - Laravel Blades template engine, TypeScript and Stimulus.js framework.
- Fine-tuned Citation Tracker Tool and Citation Burst Tool interfaces;
- Admin interface update. Entire admin interface was developed years ago and still uses a significant number of legacy code. Update was built without React to keep part of legacy code running. Stimulus controllers were used, adding required dynamics to previously static UI.
- Implemented Recommended Packages feature to offer pre-selected featured packages in one of most complicated BrightLocal tools - Citation Burst.
Technology stack
React.js/Flux/Redux, TypeScript, jQuery, PHP, Stimulus.
ReactJS Redux javascript Flux typescript php
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Lviv Polytechnic National University
Master's degree, Computer Science
Sep 2003 - Nov 2006

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