Oluwatobi Shokunbi
Abuja, Nigeria

✨ Software Engineer from Nigeria 🇳🇬 ✨ Founder React Native Nigeria Community✨ Building cheef.ng✨Believe it or not, I'm a Code Newbie 🥴

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Aug 2019 - Feb 2020 (6 months)
Chief Technology Officer
Placed with the responsibility of;

1. The management of company products across all three platforms (iOS, Android and mobile )
2. Acting as a mentor to junior team members.
3. Managing technology budgets and time frames.
4. Code review and testing
5. Develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy to ensure alignment with its business goals
6. Supervise system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency
react native nextjs firebase fireba Redux redux
Relearn by ccHub (summer of code)
Jul 2019 - Aug 2019 (1 month)
Abuja, Nigéria
Web development Educator
Worked as an educator in Relearn's summer of code, teaching kids how to build modern web applications and also covered the core basics of web development being.
Html css javascript
Jun 2019 - Apr 2020 (10 months)
Abuja, Nigeria
IT Consultant
Create interactive learning desktop application. Aid students in preparation of waec, neco, jamb.
electron react native Redux redux

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🥳🌄An easy to use image picker for cloudinary.
javascript cloudinary
open source
💬🔥This package helps you make expo push notification for React Native easy to use.
javascript expo react native
open source
💸💳The package allows you accept payment using paystack and guess what , it doesn't require any form of linking, just install and begin to use .
javascript react native paystack

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Salmen University LoKoja
Bachelor , Computer science
Mar 2014 - Nov 2018
Internet of things intro
Sep 2018

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