Kaiser Abliz
iOS Software Engineer at e-Lios (e-Linking online systems srl)
Washington, United States
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United States
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e-Lios (e-Linking online systems srl)
Oct 2017 - Present (4 years 2 months)
Remote Current workspace
Currently Kaiser Abliz supports the e-Lios (e-Linking online systems srl)

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iOS Software Engineer
1. Built app-specific internal frameworks by levering advance frameworks and libraries such as Firebase, Brainthree, Alamofire and more.
2. Modified existing Obj-C based applications to correct coding errors, upgrade interfaces and improve overall performance.
3. Designed and developed new applications for our clients from scratch using all new APIs and Swift.
4. Provided contentious integrations and implementing new features to existing apps.
5. Supplied language support through application localization.
6. Monitored and analyzed applications status on various app analytics.
7. Profiled and published to the App Store.
8. Debugged and improved applications performance by using advanced debugging methods and tools.
9. Worked closely with Android and server team.
ios swift
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University of Camerino
Master, Computer Science
Oct 2013 - Jul 2017
Udacity & Google
Udacity iOS Nanodegree
Sep 2017

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