Karim Davoodi
Senior Software Developer at Moojafzar Mehrgan Kish
Karaj, Iran

Software Developer with 16 years of experience in Linux system software. Expert in media streaming with excellent background in networking and security. Developed software in IPTV, OTT, VoD, VoIP, NAT, and developed embedded systems like Set-top box, IP-PBX. Focus on maintainability and testability by test-driven development and emphasis on reliability, reusability, security and scalability by follow of best practices and design patterns.

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Moojafzar Mehrgan Kish
Mar 2014 - Present (8 years 5 months)
Tehran Province, Iran Current workspace
Currently Karim Davoodi supports the Moojafzar Mehrgan Kish

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Senior Software Developer
Co-founder of startup and IPTV Software developer:
- IPTV back-end (by C++17 and Gstreamer). Processing Video on different protocols and codecs.
- IPTV front-end (by JavaScript) on Smart TV, Set-Top-Box, and Android TV.
- Embedded-device for Digital TV and HbbTV.
video streaming c++ linux python javascript php
Arghavan dataprocessing systems
Mar 2013 - Mar 2014 (1 year)
Tehran Province, Iran
Senior Software Developer
Co-founder of startup and Software developer:
- Experimental Digital signage for Bank office branches by Raspberry Pi and C++.
- Experimental embedded WiFi VoD server for Bus by TP-Link, OpenWRT, and C.
C++ embedded video streaming embedded c
Shetab Saman Co.
May 2008 - Mar 2013 (4 years 10 months)
Tehran Province, Iran
Senior Software Developer
Embedded Software developer:
- Embedded VoIP device by uCLinux and Asterisks.
- Embedded VoIP IP-encryptor by Blackfin DSP and U-Boot base application.
- Embedded Audio transcoder by TI DaVinci and the Gstreamer.
- Network Carrier-Grade NAT and IPDR by Linux kernel.
linux kernel embedded voip asterisk sip c

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Mar 2014 - Present
Moojafzar Mehrgan Kish
Developed Live streamer, transcoder, transformatter, encryptor, and mixer for Video streams. And developed JavaScript player for various platforms.
c++ video streaming javascript python c git linux docker
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Shahid Sattari Aviation University
Bachelor's degree, Computer Software Engineering
Dec 1991 - Dec 1995
Thesis: Development of Turing machine simulator
Sharif University of Technology
Master's degree, Computer Software Engineering
Dec 1995 - Dec 1997
Thesis: Development of application firewall on Linux

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