Kazi Tihamiun Islam
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello, My name is Kazi and I'm a Front End Developer. The following are highlights of my skills: ~ HTML5, XML ~ CSS3 & SCSS (TailwindCSS, Bootstrap 3-5, MaterialCSS) ~ Javascript (jQuery, React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js) ~ Node.js, Nuxt.js, Nest.js ~ PHP (Laravel, Yii framework, Codeigniter) ~ CMS (WordPress, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento) ~ PSD to HTML or WordPress ~ Flutter, Ionic framework ~ MySQL ~ User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX). ~ Maintaining web standards.

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Jan 2021 - Jan 2022 (1 year)
Full Stack Developer
Design, development, and maintenance of the site and sometimes writing blogs for them.
wordpress seo blog content writing wordpress theme wordpress plugin php web design
Schope Infotech Limited
Oct 2017 - Jan 2022 (4 years 3 months)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Senior WordPress Developer
I'm working at Schope as a full-stack WordPress developer.
wordpress woocommerce javascript php Laravel devops
Jan 2017 - Oct 2017 (9 months)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Front End Developer
Awesome place to work at. Learned many frontend things here.
tailwindcss VueJS ReactJS npm sass figma adobe xd

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Sep 2017 - Present
Sellcrowd Inc
Sellcrowd is a job board where employers can hire professional salespersons without any hassle.
VueJS scss javascript next.js npm responsive design figma html css
Moonverse — NFT Landing Page
Sep 2021 - Oct 2021
Flow Spark Studios
An interesting NFT project.
wordpress frontend elementor css html javascript animation figma responsive design
Appy Studios
Apr 2021 - May 2021
Flow Spark Studios
Appy Studios have the chops and the charm to work with businesses and entrepreneurs that are serious about bringing their ideas to life.
wordpress frontend elementor javascript css html figma animation theme responsive design

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Radiant Institute
Bachelor, Computer Science Engineering
May 2013 - Jun 2017
Google Digital Garage
The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Mar 2021
CSS Fundamentals
Jun 2018
HTML Fundamentals
Jun 2018

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