Serge Beresnev
Chisinau, Moldova

Acting as an external Product Visionary: skilled full-stack web developer with unique design vision, UX-driven business analyst forged in dozens of product marketing campaigns 😎 Expert in tech domain, I've spent almost a decade building very own star-team. Got a mixture of skills: as CEO / CMO / CTO. Picky about the details and turned on effectiveness: ☝️ Important insight: Don't hesitate to ask. I love mentoring an sharing knowledge, contributing and influencing the world around me.

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Matter Labs
Oct 2020 - Jan 2023 (2 years 3 months)
Core team: Head of the Product / Frontend dep.
I've joined the Core Team of Matter Labs past fall and firstly for the like 14-16 months I'm growing myself once again, dedicating major efforts to push forward lead product built by the Matter Labs — zkSync.

Basically it's a crypto-project. But unlike many others — it's a cornerstone solution for the whole ecosystem of Ethereum in general and L2 Rollup in particular. And frankly speaking (out-of-the-in-side) Zero-Knowledge Rollup is a preferable solution to scale Ethereum from L1 to L2. To make it more clear — is a solution (one of less then dozen) which truly makes difference. Right now you can save bunch of a money on GAS fee without stress or risk.
“Voice of the generation”, @VitalikButerin honoured zkSync even before full mainnet release one of three, I quote: “...if your project just involves moving tokens around, then there's no excuse to not be looking into @loopringorg @zksync @omgnetworkhq today.”. Which stack 1000x more motivation and emotional power to create, learn, optimise, create again in eternal path of perfection.

This is how Alex, CEO of Matter Labs describes mission of the company:

“We are scaling Ethereum with zero-knowledge proofs. This is an indispensable technology to enable mainstream adoption of crypto (i.e. public blockchains). Our mission is to accelerate this inevitable outcome of the ongoing digital revolution.
zkSync is in production since Summer 2020, with growing usage. It makes crypto payments cheaper today, and it will soon be used to scale arbitrary smart contracts — imagine Solidity in a ZK rollup!”

I'm feeling myself happy, proud, motivated and full of excitement — whole rainbow of intellectual feast I'm been missing past two years.
VueJS typescript web3 nuxt.js scss figma design patterns npm continuous integration product jest svelte yarn webpack oop dapp ReactJS tdd unit testing styled-components axios VueJS vuex nextjs react redux styled components react scrum agile ux ui
Apr 2012 - Sep 2020 (8 years 5 months)
Chisinau, Moldova
Founder, CEO and CCO
Competitive unique team of so-called “Special Tactics and Tools”: ready to explore and solve most difficult, twisted and tech-top-notch riddles with the great products at the end of the day
ReactJS typescript VueJS kotlin android native sqlite ios uikit swift sketch Laravel git gitlab python ci/cd jira scss redmine AngularJS wordpress woocommerce bedrock composer rabbitmq elasticsearch ReactJS React Native react router Styled Components xcode react redux angular.js cakephp scripting bash ruby on rails rubygems ruby redis npm VueJS vue nextjs nuxt.js typescript javascript
Wordpress Moldova
Mar 2012 - Jan 2023 (10 years 10 months)
Chisinau, Moldova
Founder and evangelist of the Wordpress in Moldova
wordpress woocommerce wordpress theming distance learning cources menthoring opensource api services php php composer phpunit composer database design unit testing oop scrum tdd apache scripting agile

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Jun 2012 - Jul 2012
This project was actually a merge between two different premium themes with a lot of hacking and fixing so they work together. Helluva job :) Own your community, own your future
Sep 2019 - Jul 2020
The Locals is a SAAS offering for each creator their own social network with the full control of it, set it up on the personal domain which can be also accessed thought the native iOS or Android apps.

Motto: “Giving power to the Creators not platforms”

1. Wast variety of content types (posts, messages, videos, polls and events);
2. Push notifications — building bridges to close the gap between the audience and the Creator;
3. User's content moderation — it's a free speech, so you set the tone
4. Community management dashboard — be in control
5. Subscription — connect your Stripe account and get paid by your audience without nasty commercial;
6. Affiliate program — invite, be invited and earn money / receive discounts accordingly
ux nuxt.js AngularJS uikit api VueJS figma branding vuex scss npm webpack json data analytics php coreUi data visualization
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Bachelor of Science (BS), Applied Information Technology
Sep 2003 - Jun 2011

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