Kerkko Heiskanen
Software Architect at Knowit
Turku, Finland

Experienced Software Engineer with a history of working in software development, ecommerce and service and service management. Skilled in software development (Python, Javascript, PhP, C#), user experience, fintech, RPA, Azure cloud, microservices and e-commerce solutions. Also interested in data science, creative writing, music and game design.

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Feb 2023 - Present (1 year 5 months)
Turku, Southwest Finland Current workspace
Currently Kerkko Heiskanen supports the Knowit

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Software Architect
Sarastia Oy
1 year 11 months
Turku, West and Inner Finland
Software Architect
Oct 2021 - Jan 2023 (1 year 3 months)
Working as a software Architect, mainly utilizing Azure cloud and different RPA tools
Software Architect
Jan 2021 - Sep 2021 (8 months)
Anders Innovations
6 years 8 months
Turku, Finland
Developer, Technical Account Manager
Aug 2015 - Oct 2020 (5 years 2 months)
Web Developer in Ecommerce and financial tech projects using Python, Django, Node.js, postgre, mysql in Github and Gitlab repositories.
Junior Developer
Jan 2014 - Jul 2015 (1 year 6 months)
Junior Developer in Python / Django web projects

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