Yurii Krainik
Tokyo, Japan
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Apr 2021 - Dec 2021 (8 months)
Tokyo, Japan
Back-end Developer
Working on a cluster management automation system, REST API enhancement. Features development, bug fixes, code optimizations, refactoring, unit and integration testing
Python 3 rest api ajax
Dec 2020 - Apr 2021 (4 months)
Tokyo, Japan
Software Engineer
Developed web application for ML model serving using Python Flask, Docker, PostgreSQL and GCP
Docker Flask PostgreSQL
May 2018 - Sep 2018 (4 months)
Kyiv, Ukraine
Data Scientist
Data scientist at a product company, the name of which I cannot disclose at the moment.

Technologies: Python 3, Pyspark (Spark SQL + Spark ML), Sklearn, pandas, matplotlib, HDFS.

- Creation of anti-fraud base model
- Feature engineering
- Exploratory data analysis
- Providing analytics upon request
Python data science machine learning
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National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Software Engineering
Jan 2016 - Jan 2020
University of Helsinki
Exchange student, Data Science + Computer Science
Jan 2018 - Jan 2018
September 2018 - December 2018 is the exact period of my studies.
Genesis Software Engineering School
Sep 2021
Deep Learning Course Completion
Oct 2017

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