Kyle Welsby
Manchester, United Kingdom

👋 Hey there! I'm Kyle, a seasoned Senior Software Engineer with a knack for optimizing processes and enhancing user experiences. 💻 I'm all about delivering top-notch code, making quick decisions, and taking ownership of projects for successful delivery. 🚀 Collaborating with cross-functional teams? You bet! Maintaining code quality and demonstrating leadership skills? Absolutely! 😎 With expertise in Ruby on Rails and TypeScript, I'm always open to exploring new skills like Rust and Go.

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Mar 2021 - May 2023 (2 years 2 months)
Senior Software Developer
Specialised in optimising shipping-related processes and enhancing Shopify's checkout and merchant admin. Led successful projects resulting in a 2% performance improvement in checkout. Collaborated effectively with cross-functional teams, maintained code quality through reviews, and demonstrated strong leadership skills.

⭐️ Optimised the fetching and loading of external shipping rates, resulting in a 2% performance improvement on checkout.
⭐️ Enhanced merchant admin, reducing the time required to purchase return shipping labels, driving an increase in the uptake of return shipping label purchases.
⭐️ Led a project team of 6 developers, overseeing project inception, planning, development and successful delivery.
⭐️ Championed a positive learning environment, maintaining high team morale and enthusiasm through challenges.
⭐️ Successfully resolved an unforeseen obstacle during a project, leveraging data insights to pivot the approach, resulting in a seamless delivery and positive team feedback.
ruby on rails ruby GraphQL ReactJS mysql google cloud agile github git unit testing visual studio code
Department for Education
Feb 2020 - Nov 2020 (9 months)
Manchester, United Kingdom
Software Engineer
Contributed to developing a teacher-focused tool at the Department of Education, allowing access to an archive of teaching materials for customised lesson planning.

⭐️ Actively collaborated with team members, iterating on prototypes and participated in code reviews and rituals.
⭐️ Demonstrated expertise in integrating software with Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenSuite presentations.
⭐️ Successfully conducted a Ruby on Rails experiment for system authorisation sharing between applications.
ruby on rails nodeJS rspec GDS heroku rspec ruby on rails ruby rails activerecord tdd rubygems agile github jira trello
Sep 2019 - Dec 2019 (3 months)
Manchester, United Kingdom
Frontend Engineer
Contributed to developing enhanced digital solutions for airport visitors at MAG-O.

⭐️ Implemented Braintree Payments user interface into various applications using native Web Components, enhancing the payment experience for users.
⭐️ Transferred easy-to-implement and easy-to-understand components to new and existing projects, streamlining development processes and generating automated documentation.
⭐️ Advocated for transparent roadmaps, effectively communicating project value to all team members and fostering alignment.
⭐️ Streamlined navigation manus across multiple sites, introducing reusable code for improved efficiency and consistency.
VueJS nuxt.js javascript javascript VueJS nuxt.js vuex webpack npm responsive design scss jest tdd lithtml litelement web components unit testing

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Soulection Tracklists
Oct 2016 - Present
A Tracklisting website for the Soulection Radio Shows. An archive of tracklists to ease the discovery of new music.

Hugo Static Site Generator PostCSS CSS HTML GitHub YAML Markdown AppleScript
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Staffordshire University
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Digital Film and Post Production Technology, Film
Sep 2007 - Jul 2010
Mid-Cheshire College
National Diploma in Multimedia
Sep 2003 - Jul 2007
Rest API (Intermediate)
Oct 2020
JavaScript (Basic)
Sep 2020

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