Lakmal Premaratne
Consultant at Gotli Labs (Pvt) Ltd
Galle, Sri Lanka

A Technical Consultant and Lead Developer with years of Experience in ERP Applications and Full Stack Development specializing in solving complex problems and designing future-proof solutions for industries to help reach their targets. Having a background in physics/math has helped me to formulate solutions that are performant and future-proof. Integration development has been one of my key expertise that has been an advantage when bridging with 3rd party APIs. Interest in learning and reading about new technologies are two of the driving factors that have given me the strength and capability in formulating solutions for various coding problems.

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Gotli Labs (Pvt) Ltd
Sep 2022 - Present (1 year 10 months)
Galle District, Southern Province Current workspace
Currently Lakmal Premaratne supports the Gotli Labs (Pvt) Ltd

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Sep 2020 - Jan 2022 (1 year 4 months)
Full Stack Engineer | Laravel Backend Developer
• Introduction of application quality standards (AQS).
• Work closely with product owners to optimize backend and frontend frameworks to deliver the expected goals of the product owner.
• Plan sprints & feature implementation and ticket prioritization.
• Train junior staff.

• Help upgrade the existing Laravel and React implementations based on AQS and other tools.
• Develop standards-based code generation tool for backend and frontend.
• Migrate from Bootstrap to Tailwind CSS.
Laravel ReactJS tailwindcss sql mysql
Aug 2018 - Aug 2020 (2 years)
Technical Lead
• Train junior staff and convince CTO for necessary technology improvements in the stack.
• Guide internal tool developers to facilitate improved code quality and performance.

• A backend framework was developed on top of Laravel for fast implementation of API endpoints.
• Integration with SMS gateway for OTP implementation.
• Implementation of authorization using an in-house developed framework to facilitate sophisticated authorization mechanism.
• Use of queues for email and SMS delivery.
• A framework based on ReactJS 16.x was developed for faster implementation of frontend with standardized UI and standardized API endpoints.
Laravel ReactJS tailwindcss

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University of Colombo
MSc, Applied Electronics
Jan 2007 - Jan 2009
Circuit analysis, Simulation and modelling, Sensors, Transducers and Data acquisition, Micro controllers and PLC, Automation, Data Communication Techniques, Engineering Mathematics and Statistics, Computer simulation
University of Ruhuna
B.Sc., Physics
Jan 1999 - Jan 2003

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