Lakshyajit Laxmikant
Bengaluru, India

Trained in Full Stack Development and posses a good knowledge on several tools/technologies/services. During my 3+ years of experience I have contributed to several projects using the following: Frontend: HTML, CSS, Angular, React.js. Backend: SpringBoot, Node.js Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis. ORM: Hibernate, Sequelize, Mongoose. API Design: REST, Socket, GraphQL. Version Control: Git, SVN. DevOps: Github, Gitlab, Jenkins, Travis, Docker, Kubernetes, Unit & E2E Testing. Cloud: AWS(S3/EC2/ELB/IAM/VPC/RDS/Cognito, EKS, ECR, ECS, SNS, SES), GCP(Cloud SQL, Logging, Cloud Storage, GKE, GCR). Industry Knowledge: Microservice Architecture(API Gateway, Service Discovery, Metrics and Observability etc), System Design, Design Patterns.

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Feb 2022 - May 2023 (1 year 3 months)
Bangalore Urban, Karnataka
Full-stack Developer
Currently working on developing features/enhancements on Java/SpringBoot microservices on the backend for OBVAM and OBLM modules - Both parts of OBDX(Oracle Banking Digital Experience). I am also working on frontend using OJET.
Below are some of the features/tasks on which I have worked so far:
● Implemented service side Error code mapping for both VAM and LM.
● Worked on the several enhacements on Virtual Entity flow(Added new fields and integrated them with the existing flow)
● Have worked on defects related to request/response transformations on OBRH(Oracle Banking Routing Hub).
● Wrote unit test cases for Virtual Entity, Virtual Account and Virtual Account Structure APIs.
● Setup Jenkins pipelines on OCI for both VAM and LM modules to be a part of the entire OBDX test suite and generate reports based on test case execution.
● Worked on delivering end to end features like adding Party preferences(VAM) and Inter Company Loan Lend limits(LM)
SpringBoot jenkins Oracle SQL docker elasticsearch
Programming Pathshala
Mar 2021 - Jan 2022 (10 months)
Senior Software Developer
● Worked primarily on Node.js, React.js, Material UI, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS and GCP.
● Worked on building/modifying several features(some of them from scratch). Here are few of them:
● OAuth 2 integration with AWS Cognito.
● Implemented a batch processing system(online codejudge system) using Judge0 API.
● Implemented sequelize ORM and Middlewares, thereby refactoring several Node.js microservices.
● Was responsible for regular code and PR reviews for interns.
● Was responsible for rewriting(and laying out a basic structure) the existing dashboard with React Material UI, which included - setting up Routing, Context API, Hooks, Implementing reusable components etc.
AWS Docker Kubernetes NodeJS PostgreSQL ReactJS google cloud github GraphQL
Jul 2019 - Feb 2021 (1 year 7 months)
Pune, Maharashtra
Application Developer
● Worked mostly on Java, SpringBoot, Unix and MySQL and SQL Server
● Added features and refactored code for an inventory management system.
● Optimized SQL queries for an inventory management tool for Advance Auto Parts client, which helped in reducing overall fetch latency and thereby leading to better UX.
● Was responsible for regular report generation related to issues' metrics which helped in increasing visibility for high priority issues and their resolutions while maintaining SLA.
Java MySQL jenkins Angular Ionic SpringBoot angular material microservices mockito junit

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Mar 2021 - Feb 2022
Renaissance is a platform at Programming Pathshala where students are provided with great quality content for CS related subjects and Interview Preparation. I along with my teammates contributed to several features on this webapp which included - a coding platform(logically a batchprocessing and code review system), integration of OAuth2 with AWS Cognito, using Cloud Functions to send periodic Emails/SMSs to end users among many others. My work mostly consisted of developing(or optimizing) features in the backend, databases and UI to provide a better and seamless experience to the end users.
GBS Associate App
May 2020 - Nov 2020
This app was built and designed, keeping in mind the requirements of the graduate hires at IBM. It was built using Ionic Framework along with Spring Boot, MongoDB and followed a Microservice architecture. I built a chatbot using IBM Watson, and integrated it with the app. The bot was responsible for resolving the associates' queries quickly and with IBM Watson's console, we could monitor in real time the no. of active users and any queries which might require modification in the response. The entire app was hosted on IBM cloud and was made available to download for the associates at the IBM App Store.
Aug 2019 - Oct 2019
An easy to use, pluggable helpdesk system, that uses IBM watson bot, to resolve users' queries, aimed to help businesses elevate their profits by lessening their expenditure on customer support systems.

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Odisha University of Technology and Research
Bachelor's degree, Computer Science and Engineering
Jan 2015 - Jan 2019
Delhi Public School, Damanjodi
Higher secondary, Science
Jan 2000 - Jan 2014
System Design
Jan 2023
Docker and Kubernetes: The Complete Guide
Jul 2022
DevOps on AWS Specialization
Apr 2022

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