Loann Brahimi
Montpellier, France
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Nov 2020 - Sep 2021 (10 months)
Montpellier, France
Head Of Technology
Q26 is an engineering startup providing high level technological services to fund managers and sophisticated clients.

Our technology was imagined and designed thanks to a team that combines more than 35 years of professional trading experience, expertises in computing sciences and machine learning expericences in Python.

Keywords : python framework development - algorithmic trading - project/team/strategy management

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Machine learning Python
Université de Montpellier Contract
Oct 2017 - Nov 2020 (3 years 1 month)
Doctoral Research Fellow in Astrophysics
Cosmic Rays transport in the weakly ionized interstellar medium

- Development of a transport code describing the non-linear injection of Cosmic Rays in a multiphasic turbulent interstellar medium from supernova remnants.

- Implementation of a numerical non-linear advection/diffusion method in the AMR-MHD Astrophysics code RAMSES to describe the effect of the turbulence generated by cosmic rays instabilities on the interstellar medium turbulent, and thermodynamic properties.

- Publications, conferences

- Tools: Python, C++, Fortran90, LATEX
C++ Python Fortran90
Laboratoire Univers et Particules de Montpellier Internship
8 months
Research Internship : Cosmic ray transport in the weakly ionized interstellar medium
Mar 2017 - Sep 2017 (6 months)
Scientific aspects :

Numerical study of the theory of partially ionized plasma in different magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) approximation. Theorical study of a Cosmic Ray (CR) streaming instability development in a partially ionized plasma. Study of the MHD turbulence generated by CR instabilities and its feedback on a distribution of charged particles.

Technical aspects :

Applied mathematics (field theory, transport theory), science computing and numerical methods developped in python 2.7, bibliographic research, latex report, oral presentation.
Internship : Multi-wavelength and environmental study of the H.E.S.S. J1848-018 gamma ray source
May 2016 - Jul 2016 (2 months)
Processing of cataloged data, analysis and modelisation using Python 2.7 programming langage. Bibliographic research, latex report, oral presentation.
Python scikit learn
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Q26 - Trading System
Jul 2021 - Present
Q26 QuanTrader is a python package i'm developing as a part of the Q26 company with the objective to provide to algorithmic trading developers a complete environment in which they can live run their trading strategies with a large choice of brokers. The trading strategies can be developed using the Q26 - Backtest System and are fully compatible with this tool.
Q26 - Backtest System
May 2021 - Present
Q26 QuanTester is a python package I'm developing as part of the Q26 company and whose idea is to provide a free backtest system for any algorithmic trading developer who would like to only focus on his/her trading strategy and not all the framework around. All the trading strategies developed thanks to this tool can then be run in live thanks to the Q26 - Trading System tool.
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Université de Montpellier
Doctorat, Physique/Astrophysique
Jan 2017 - Jan 2020
Université de Montpellier
Master, Physique fondamentale/Astrophysique
Jan 2015 - Jan 2017
Université de Montpellier
Licence Physique, Physique fondamentale
Jan 2012 - Jan 2015
Lycée Privé la Trinité
Baccalauréat Scientifique , Physique Chimie - Mathématiques - SVT
Jan 2009 - Jan 2012
MLOps Specialization
Sep 2021
Deep Learning Specialization
Aug 2021

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