Michal Špitálský
Graphic Design Teacher, IT Teacher and In-House Graphic Designer at SFÉRA Pardubice
Prague, Czechia

Graphic designer, artist, web designer, filmmaker and hobbyist programmer

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SFÉRA Pardubice
Sep 2023 - Present (10 months)
Current workspace
Currently Michal Špitálský supports the SFÉRA Pardubice

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Graphic Design Teacher, IT Teacher and In-House Graphic Designer
Teaching young people, but also the general audience, the basics of graphic design and illustration as a member of the graphic design workshop. Also tutoring a web design course as a part of IT/VR workshop. In an effort to promote SFÉRA, I create a wide array of promotional materials, both digital and physicall. I
also help with planning of the promotional strategy on social media and on-site.
Pedagogicko psychologická poradna Ústí nad Orlicí
Jan 2023 - Mar 2023 (2 months)
Ústí nad Orlicí, Pardubice
Digital Illustrator
Designed and illustrated a dobble-style card game to be used as a teaching aid for sex education. The game cards featured a total of 31 illustrations related to sexual life, relationships and growing up in general.
The goal of the game is to help young adults shake off nervousness and awkwardness during sex ed lessons and introduce them visually to various methods of birth control, as well as other things they may encounter on they way to adulthood.
University of Pardubice
1 year
Graphic Design and Filmmaking Tutor (IT Summer School for Girls)
Jul 2022 - Jul 2022 (Less than a month)
Worked during one-week-long IT Summer School for Girls organised by Pardubice University as a Graphic Design Teacher. I tutored during three days. I taught students fundamentals of photo editing in Adobe Photoshop, how to create a logo in Adobe Illustrator and basics of screenwriting and filmmaking. Also helped out other tutors during their lessons and participated in creation of afternoon programme for enrolled girls.
Before the event, created a poster inviting potential students to enroll.
Sep 2021 - Sep 2022 (1 year)
Edited around a dozen of several-hour-long lecture recordings, while also adding useful graphics such as nametags, intro, transitions and lecture title.

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DELTA - High School of Computer Science and Economics
Maturita, Computer science
Sep 2016 - Jul 2020
Northumbria University
Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Film and TV Production
Sep 2020 - Jul 2023
1st Class Honours
IELTS Academic (C1)
Dec 2019
ECDL Certification - M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M14, M15
May 2019
ADC College's Work Experience Programme in London Certificate of Attainment
Sep 2018

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