Luigui Delyer
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior Frontend Developer with a 10+ years of experience in Web Development, with a extensive JavaScript, NativeScript, Vue and Vuex expertise. Specialist in Atomic Design and Design System. Today I'm a Senior Frontend VueJS Developer at the largest razor ecommerce of Europe, based in Amsterdam. At this company I'm working with NodeJS, NuxtJS, Tailwind, PostCSS and Typescript. In my last job I was a Frontend Team Lead of 11 developers at the largest AI and Cybersecurity company of Brazil. I worked in all Web products creating dashboards, responsive web pages, managing GraphQL schemas, unit tests, defining stacks, the entire Frontend architecture and the API signatures of the products. Also worked with computer vision in Canvas API to create a pipeline of image processing with Tensorflow.js in browser. Also in this company I used NativeScript Vue to built a mobile app that use facial recognition in real time using WebSockets to trigger any API of your choice with your biometric signature. Created Yoonit, an open source project that has many Vue Components composing an Atomic Design System. This project also allowed the creation of the best Camera and WebSocket modules for NativeScript in the world. Worked with maps for almost 3 years, I've learned to love data visualization, specially with Big Data from a lot of IoT sensors. I have experience with ESRI ArcGIS, Here Maps, OSM, Leaflet and GMaps. Vast experience with VR in browser with Three.js and A-Frame. At my Github you can found an open source module capable to extrude any SVG file into a VR scenarios. Large experience with UI Design and pixel perfection, CSS/SASS and semantic HTML. I like to work closely with the UX team to define the entire experience of the user. Participated in many of majors JS conferences In Brazil as an invited speaker such as BrazilJS, VueJS LATAM Summit, RioJS, Campus Party and many others. Also I have a personal podcast named 'Elemencast' and some videos on YouTube.

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