Maik de Kruif
Tiel, Netherlands

Ever since I was a little kid, I've loved coding. From the moment of writing my first program in Python and manipulating it to produce the desired output, I have been obsessed with the idea of writing software to solve practical problems. Programming is like a never-ending puzzle where you continuously have to come up with a new way to solve it. Outside of my job, I run a small business with a couple of friends where we develop drone shows. I'm responsible for both designing and writing the control software as well as creating and designing the actual drones. When I get home after work/school, I tend to continue writing code for some personal side-projects. Most recently, I've been working on a website on which you can watch videos/movies together with distant friends. This is what keeps me up at night, a never-ending thirst to create beautiful, powerful things and share them with the world. Skills/Interests: Python, JavaScript, Node, CSS, HTML, Git, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Apache, Nginx, Docker.

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Aug 2021 - Feb 2022 (6 months)
Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands
Software Engineer Intern
Axians does everything ICT related, from datacenters to digital workspaces. During my internship here, I worked at their cybersecurity division and worked on the following:
• Responsible for a fully featured risk analysis dashboard.
• Used a Typescript backend with a ReactJS frontend to automatically generate risk analysis reports based on user input.
ReactJS TypeScript ExpressJS
Jul 2021 - Oct 2022 (1 year 3 months)
Maarssen, Netherlands
Junior Software Engineer
Worked on several projects for Ace & Tate and Cloudwise.

Ace & Tate design and sell glasses, during my time here me and my team were responsible for:
• Developing an API that can read glasses prescriptions from images and returns the data as JSON using Vision AI.
• Using Vision AI to detect what model of Ace&Tate glasses someone is wearing.
• Setting up an authentication framework using Scala for usage in microservices.

Cloudwise is a major player in the field of ICT solutions for primary and secondary education. During my time here, my team and I worked on detangling their monolithic system and migrating it to a microservice architecture. Technologies we used were:
• Java
• Google Bundled Services for Java
• Angular/AngularJS
• Google Cloud Platform
scala rest api Angular java playframework akka javascript
Jan 2018 - Aug 2021 (3 years 7 months)
Ophemert, The Netherlands
Software/Hardware Engineer
Drotics is a start-up that specializes in light shows with drones. It was founded by me and some acquaintances of mine. As it was a start-up, I had many responsibilities, including but not limited to:
• Drone control software architecture and development.
• System architecture design.
• Wireless connectivity (i.e., Wi-Fi and radio).
• Drone design and production.
python ReactJS websocket

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Jul 2019 - Present
Software I'm currently working on that lets you control all your smart home devices from one place.
• Python backend
• Flexible RESTful API
• Extensive documentation

Aug 2018 - Present
A website that I built that lets you watch videos or movies together with faraway friends.
• React frontend
• NodeJS backend
• Websocket connections
Oct 2019 - Nov 2019
YouTube Music Desktop Player converts YouTube Music to a standalone desktop app. Because of this, you will never have to go through all your browser tabs to control your music.
• Fully object-oriented JavaScript frontend and backend
• Based on Electron
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Avans University of Applied Sciences
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Aug 2019 - Jun 2023
During my time at Avans, I studied Computer Science. Before starting here, I already had some experience with coding, but never collaboratively. So, this is what I learned at school:
• Learned to work in a team.
• Learned to work on code collaboratively.
Avans University of Applied Sciences
Minor, Systems Programming in C++
Sep 2022 - Feb 2023
I did a minor in Systems Programming in C++. During the minor, our team developed a game engine in C++.
RSG Lingecollege
Jan 2015 - Jan 2019
Jan 2019
Professional Scrum Master™ I (PSM I)
Sep 2022

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