Silvestar Bistrović
Freelance Contractor and Consultant at CiTA d.o.o.
Osijek, Croatia

Fearless web engineer, CSS developer, JAMstack enthusiast, WordPress theme specialist, author of UI Dev Newsletter (, founder of CSS Auditors.

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Wunder Mobility
Aug 2021 - Dec 2022 (1 year 4 months)
Website Developer
Developing and maintaining the website.
Jekyll Contentful
Little Bundle
Sep 2019 - Dec 2020 (1 year 3 months)
Shopify Developer
Implemented version control system.
Helped set up multiple instances for easier code delivery using Theme Kit.
Migrated content away from the page builder.
Developed new Shopify features.
Customized Shopify theme.
Shopify Liquid Page Speed Optimization
Jun 2018 - Jun 2018 (Less than a month)
Wordpress Developer
Employed via Toptal.
Developed custom Wordpress theme, created responsive templates, added custom JavaScript behaviour, and created a style from the existing design.
wordpress PDS to HTML CSS Animation

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Domino Data Lab website
Domino Data Lab
Domino Data Lab is a data science platform that enables data science teams to rapidly develop and deploy models that drive breakthrough innovation and competitive advantage. The website runs on Jekyll.
Jekyll Liquid Netlify html css javascript
Credit Card Insider website
Credit Card Insider
Credit Card Insider is a New York based consumer education company whose mission is to empower people to use credit cards to their advantage and with confidence. The website runs on WordPress and WPEngine.
WordPress PSD to HTML Page Speed Optimization html css javascript
Westwing website
Westwing is “curated shoppable magazine”, inspiring customers every day with the newest trends, themes, stories, brands and products from the world of Home & Living. The website runs on Hexo, Netlify CMS, Netlify, and GitHub.
Hugo JAMstack Netlify html css javascript

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Faculty of Elecrical Engineering, Osijek
Master's degree, Internet and Communication
Sep 2005 - Oct 2011

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